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Sun 26 August 2018

Let There Be Rock! The 1970s in Australia saw a huge boom of rock music, due to the accessibility of live music at the local. The scene welcomed a newer generation of uncompromising, adult-oriented rock bands. Think Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel, the Young brothers with ACDC, and Peter Garrett in Midnight Oil - all iconic acts that shaped the course of Aussie music, influenced the world and who still play music together (on and off) to this day. 

It's music that continues to stand the test of time - and now we can introduce it to our own kiddly-winks! This is our favourite collection of Aus Rock Classics, without the swears. And it couldn't be an 'Australian' list without the odd track from across the ditch!


  1. Hunters & Collectors - Do You See What I See?
  2. Hoodoo Gurus - Like Wow Wipeout
  3. ACDC - Let There Be Rock (Edit)
  4. Paul Kelly - Dumb Things
  5. Warumpi Band - Blackfella Whitefella (2015 Remaster)
  6. Men At Work - Be Good Johnny
  7. Alison MacCallum - Superman
  8. MI-Sex - Computer Games
  9. Icehouse - Great Southern Land
  10. Divinyls - Make Out Alright (Edit)
  11. Cold Chisel - Forever Now (Remastered)
  12. Midnight Oil - Don't Wanna Be The One
  13. The Angels - After The Rain
  14. The Cockroaches - Do The Monkey
  15. Rose Tattoo - We Can't Be Beaten
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