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Mon 26 March 2018

Is there a better decade for iconic film and music? The blockbuster tunes that had us hooked to the screen in the 1980’s are still spinning on radios today.

These are the best kid-safe songs from 80s soundtracks, and you can hear them all on Retro Rewind, our flashback show for fams. You can listen anytime, anywhere in the free Kinderling Kids Radio app!

1. Kenny Loggins – 'Footloose' (from Footloose)

The eponymous song from the coming of age film that shakes your inner rebellion and will have you all dancing away all the stresses of the day.

2. Prince – 'When Doves Cry' (from Purple Rain

The smooth velvet sounds of Purple Rain definitely made up for the patchy plot! Who could forget the big white neck ruffle blowing in the wind, paired with a wide purple motorbike shot? It’s the film that cements Prince as a triple threat.

3. Harold Faltermeyer – 'Axel F' (from Beverly Hills Cop)

The world-wide hit single named after Eddie Murphy’s character is iconic! And let’s be honest, even the young ones will know it already.

4. Madonna – 'Into the Groove' (from Desperately Seeking Susan

Here we saw Madonna in her element, securing her as the multi-talented entertainer we adore to this very day.

5. Bill Medley & Jennifer Warne – 'I’ve Had The Time Of My Life' (from Dirty Dancing)

The corny, romantic soundtrack of a generation, that still has us blushing over sweaty samba dancing Patrick Swayze.

6. Deniece Williams – 'Let’s Hear It For The Boy' (Footloose)

Have a teachable dance moment as this plays, or try to get the kids copying Kevin Bacon’s moves!

7. Yello – 'Oh Yeah' (from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

While we wouldn’t want to give the kids any ideas, this Ferrari scene and all that ensues sparks an unruly, contagious fire within, that only Ferris could encourage.

8. Giorgio Moroder & Philip Oakey – 'Together In Electric Dreams' (from Electric Dreams)

Electric Dreams...More like Tinder for the 80’s! When relationships with your computer were a little more complicated than floating in the iCloud. Falling in love with a computer is not advisable, but for the digital lovers this is the tune to whack on.

9. Survivor – 'Eye of the Tiger' (from Rocky III

The pump up tune to father all pump up tunes (but without the punching children).

10. Simple Minds – 'Don’t You (Forget About Me)' (from The Breakfast Club)

Of course, we can’t forget this closing of The Breakfast Club. The perfect ending to the film.

11. Billy Ocean – 'When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going' (from The Jewel of the Nile)

With a star-studded cast including Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito and Kathleen Turner, The Jewel of the Nile was further put on the map with this Top 40 hit.

12. Berlin – 'Take My Breath Away' (from Top Gun)

This theme song scored the Academy Award for Best Original Song, as well as the Golden Globe for Best Original Song in 1986. A gem indeed.

13. Ray Parker Jr. – ‘Ghostbusters’ (from Ghostbusters)

Plug in those pump backs and suck up that groovy Ghostbusters supernatural soundtrack! This 80s comedy had everyone in a beige jumpsuit and gumboots.

14. Huey Lewis & The News – ‘The Power Of Love’ (from Back to the Future)

What a cracker of an opening sequence to a film. We’re completely absorbed by the music into Marty’s world, before it all gets knocked upside down.

15. Irene Cara – ‘Flashdance … What a Feeling’ (from Flashdance)

A scene to send shivers down your spine! Great for teaching kids that their dreams can come true, even when they stumble and fall.

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