Settle Petal

Chilled out tunes and stories for the kids to relax into dinner, bath and bedtime routines. Evenings 5pm to 8pm.

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Settle Petal is perfect for winding down from a big day with chill-out tunes and stories, especially picked for kids' dinner-time, bath-time and snuggling up in bed. Plus don't miss our Story Of The Week daily at 5pm, or our Bedtime Explorers meditation series at 7pm.

Catch up on recent Settle Petal episodes

1 June

Winding down feat. Sarah Blasko, Elvis Presley, Sufjan Stevens + More

3 May

Dinner and bath time feat. Kimbra, Kermit, Play School + more

23 April

Feat. the music Avicii - in lullaby form

3 April

Off to bed feat. Shawn Colvin, Christine Rusling, Kurbits + more

20 November

Feat. the music of ACDC - in lullaby form

22 April

Feat. the music of Prince - in lullaby form