Settle Petal

Chilled out tunes and stories for the kids to relax into dinner, bath and bedtime routines. Evenings 5pm to 8pm.

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Witching hour begone! Wind down from a big day with chill-out tunes and stories, especially picked for kids' dinner-time, bath-time and snuggling up in bed.

Plus don't miss a Hey Duggee story every night at 6pm.

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16 February

Settle Petal // 6-7 pm // Stories and Lullabies

13 February

Settle Petal // 5-6pm // Dinner and Bath Time

4 January

Settle Petal // 7-8pm // Calming Music

22 April

Settle Petal // Prince Special

Kinderling celebrates the music of Prince - in lullaby form.