Sleepy Soundtrack

Soothing ambient music for the best bedtime ever. Nightly 8pm to 6am.

Sleepy Soundtrack is your family's companion to help little ones get a great night sleep. Safe, gentle music and lullabies from bedtime to breakfast. From Brian Eno to Brahms to Max Richter, sweet dreams are made of this.  

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1 March

Feat. Moby, Max Richter, Rockabye Baby! + more

1 February

Feat. Marconi Union, New Venusians, David Teie + more

19 July

Feat. Julie Andrews, Dag Rosenqvist, All India Radio & Josh Roydhouse + more

1 June

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

10 January

A lullaby tribute to the Starman