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16 July

Ease Back with Elvis

Turns out the king of rock 'n' roll can also be the king of getting your kids to sleep!

12 July

Z's with Jay and Bey

7 June

Be Still with Bruce Springsteen

Parents will be Dancing In The Dark as their little ones snooze to these lullaby remakes of The Boss.

31 May

Evening Jams with Elton John

While you're off enjoying the new Elton biopic at the cinema, the kids can enjoy the serene sounds of these Elton lullaby renditions!

22 May

Calm Down with The Cure

Hear songs like 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Friday I'm In Love' like you've never heard them before.

20 May

Doze with David Bowie

We pay tribute to the Starman in the Sky with these lullaby versions of Zzziggy Stardust classics.