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Sun 29 September 2019

Hey Mini Beanies! The Beanies have been VERY hard at work adding glitter and bubbles and colours to brand new WEEKLY episodes of The Beanies podcast!   

Each Monday, get set to meet a teeny tiny spider who learns how to be brave; visit the super hero training Academy; meet a very royal puppy; and find out how unicorns get their horns!  

And you're also invited to be part of the podcast – sharing your stories and questions in special Show & Tell episodes!  

Listen now;

And if you have an Alexa enabled device, just say "Alexa, play The Beanies".

The Beanies' music is now available on iTunes. Sing along, dance along and imagine along anytime!

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Music and lyrics written by The Beanies with music wizard James Court.

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