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WIN one of four Kindi Kids gift packs worth $100 each

Get your kids ready for kindy with Kindi Kids!

12 primary school disco songs that defined our youth

These songs will take you STRAIGHT back to your primary school disco days!

When it comes to boys and dance, we could all learn a thing or two from Japan

Why aren't we encouraging and celebrating our boys who dance? Let's take a leaf out of Japan's book.

7 movies that help teach little kids about big emotions

These seven brilliant family flicks encourage children to explore their emotions.

A new FREE video-on-demand service is here!

The world’s largest ad-supported video-on-demand service has just launched its free, premium service in Australia.

"Give us both six weeks" – the sweet open letter every new parent needs to read

Spoiler alert: it's from the point of view of your baby.

Woohoo! Bluey's dad Bandit wins Father of the Year

To celebrate, we've rounded up four ways 'Bluey' teaches us to be better parents.

To the father of my children, here's what I don’t tell you enough

Kids change things, but you're still my big love.

Meet the artist who turns all your kid's drawings into one work of art

What a great idea! Who would love one of these on their wall?

The fascinating way birth order affects our children’s personality

Is this true in your family?

12 annoying things my mum said that I swore I’d never use

But oh how times change...

10 things a child is trying to say when they're chucking a tantrum

... plus seven things they aren't trying to say.

Mum's heartbreaking post shows how hard it is to juggle anxiety and parenthood

"I kept telling myself that I’m just having an off day and could get thru this."

11 puzzling questions every parent has after watching ‘Fireman Sam’

Q7 - Why is Norman Price not in jail?

8am to 6pm: Do our preschool kids do longer days than us?

No wonder they're so grumpy at the end of the day.

How to help your child self-regulate in 5 easy steps

Helping our children understand and regulate their emotions is one of the most important things we can do as parents. But it’s not always easy when they’ve just thrown tomato…

11 ways to make an enchanted garden with your fairy-loving child

Today's craft plans are sorted!

There's no such thing as ‘bad habits’ with a newborn

New parents, listen up!

Mummy and Daddy, this is what I want you to know when I’m sick

Don't you wish they had the words to explain what they are feeling?

The number of kids learning Aboriginal languages is on the rise

In Victoria, students are up 8,000 percent - and it has great benefits!

Move over hangry - parents are 'slangry'. Science says so.

Yep. We all feel this!

Feels... Parenting your first baby versus your third baby

Parents of three will definitely relate!

Dr Karl shares his favourite science experiments for curious kids

The perfect indoor activities for Science Week!

Private vs public schools: the shocking funds divide

The four richest schools in Australia spend more than the poorest 1,800 schools combined.