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CONFIRMED: Getting kids ready for school is equal to an extra day of work

Research PROVES it.

Celine Dion's diva rendition of Baby Shark is EVERYTHING

The only version of this song we'll tolerate from now on.

Have you tried "bedtime fading"? Research says it fixes toddler sleep issues for good

Anything's worth a try, right?

Question: Would you take your kids on honeymoon with you?

Instagram's 'Real Dads of Melbourne' say they wouldn't have wanted to honeymoon without their son, Reid.

"To my wife, I love you and I’m struggling too"

Yes, new parenthood is hard on mums. But it's hard on dads, too.

14 easy party ideas for kids who love trucks

What is it with little ones and trucks?!

5 things that make four-year-olds so awesome

What comes after the terrible twos and the tempestuous threenagers? The fabulous fours!

'90s classic Arthur is still a thing, and they've revealed that a main character is LGBTQI+

We learnt TWO new things about Arthur today!

6 parenting plots from TV shows and movies that would NEVER happen

Sure, we can suspend our disbelief. But not this much!

Why everyone should make a 'Songs of my Childhood' playlist

Music is a memory that lasts a lifetime, if you treat it like one.

Is your child an adrenaline junkie? Here's why you should stop telling them to "be careful"

There are better ways to phrase it.

11 reasons why you don't get anything done with a toddler around

Let me count the ways ...

Listen closely. Kate Miller-Heidke's Eurovision song is all about her struggle with PND

The song she wrote for Eurovision has a highly personal message many mothers will relate to.

A nutritionist's top five tips for fighting the endless fatigue

The food you eat can be your biggest ally!

10 rules that kids MUST obey at Grandma's house

No wonder they love going so much!

Being smacked as a kid only taught me to fear my parents

Smacking is now banned in 58 countries. With any luck, Australia will follow suit soon.

A bang-on commentary on mum-shaming: "Her success is not your failure"

It's not anyone else's place to judge the milestones a mum wants to celebrate.

This is how many kids you should have if you want to be your happiest (apparently)

Well, this could be controversial ...

Read the heartbreaking letter Roald Dahl wrote after losing his daughter to measles

The famous author dedicated two of his most loved books to his eldest daughter, Olivia.

50 surnames that make very on-trend baby names

Move over, androgynous monikers. This is the hot new baby-naming trend.

A dad’s guide to buying Mother's Day presents

Easy and inexpensive ways to make mum feel awesome. 

The sad truth behind The Wiggles' iconic finger wiggle

Former Wiggle, Murray Cook, opens up about why the hand gesture was originally created.

7 upcoming orchestra performances, specially for kids!

Want your kid to love playing music? Meeting an orchestra is the best place to start!

This mum perfectly sums up how every parent feels about 'letting go'

This mum's reflection on life after your kids grow up will hit you right in the feels.