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What if I can't love a second child as much as the first?

This mother's letter to her firstborn will hit every parent right in the feels - especially if you're expecting a second child.

7 irritating habits that are actually vital for toddler development

Next time they're driving you nuts, read this and feel (a teeny bit) better.

Mum's warning: The party food you should NEVER give a kid under 5

This traumatised mum is warning other parents about the dangers of giving popcorn to under-5s after a family movie night turned very bad.

Want happy kids? All it takes is 10 important minutes a day

Your child's happiness doesn't depend on how much you can give them - even when it comes to time. Just 10 minutes a day is all it takes to raise…

6 books that show girls that they can be ANYTHING

Want to raise strong, resilient daughters? Reading the right books is a great place to start.

What happened to my brain?! How our sanity changes after babies

We're never the same after kids come along ... and that includes in our heads!

5 tips to prevent your kid from becoming a fussy eater

Not all kids are fussy eaters! Here are some ways to improve your child's relationship with all types of foods. (Yep, even broccoli.)

Is 'Tree' a nice name for a baby? Discuss.

As one mum shared, "It just popped into my head and I love it."

This 5-year-old dancing to 'Breathe' was all of us in our bedrooms back in the '90s

R.I.P. Keith Flint, lead singer of The Prodigy. The world has lost an icon.

9 kind things you should tell your child as often as possible

When it comes to raising kids, a few kind words can go a long, long way.

These homemade cupcakes cost one mum $380... and her sanity

Ironically, the mum-of-one decided to bake cupcakes from scratch in an attempt to save money!

One simple ritual could put bad screen time habits to bed (literally)

If you struggle to get your kids to switch off, this might be a godsend.

Is your child actually at risk of seeing the "Momo Challenge" on YouTube?

Some say the self-harm videos have popped up during Peppa Pig. Others say it's just a cruel hoax. What should you believe?

How crayons can teach kids an important lesson about diversity

Nobody wants to only use the green crayon, right?

A definitive ranking of Disney’s live-action remakes

Four new Disney remakes are set to hit cinemas this year. Are you all caught up?

4 things to do when your little angel turns into a devil

It's not a matter of if they'll meltown ... it's when. Be prepared!

How to teach your kids to play well with others

There is so much more to than just playing nice ...

4 simple ways to find your zen (and stop yelling at your kids)

Yes, it is possible!

9 mums share the books they found great to read - even when the kids are around

Great books that can be read quickly by busy bookworm mums. 

Every busy parent needs to know these genius supermarket birthday cake hacks!

Secret supermarket birthday cake hacks we all NEED to know.

The day I was stopped by the cops for yelling at my child

This mum was just disciplining her kids at the park, when she caught the attention of some passing police officers.

"Engage with your kids or just stay home": Restaurant bans toys, ipads and colouring books

"Stop being so lazy," says this fed-up restaurant owner.

8 reasons bath time really does not spark joy

Oh no, it's bath time ... 

Forget helicopter, tiger and lawnmower mums... this parenting 'type' is most of us!

I just created a new parenting ‘type’. Does this sound like you?