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Jimmy Giggle leaves DWTS after newborn son suffers serious injury

His son went in for a routine procedure, but sadly it did not go to plan.

8 nostalgic '80s hairstyles we're semi-tempted to try on our kids

Tempting ... but also verging on child abuse!

10 small things you do that your kids will remember forever

They may not seem like much, but these things should never be overlooked!

Outrageous things new mums were told in HOSPITAL back in 1968

Ahhh ... the "good" old days.

ABBA to release TWO songs for the first time in 37 years. Best. News. EVER!


This mum's breastfeeding yoga photos are dividing the internet

Some think it's incredible, others think it's dangerous and over the top.

Vote for Bedtime Explorers in The Webby Awards!

If we're going to win, we need your help!

9 television shows every '80s kid was obsessed with

Prepare yourself for a serious trip down memory lane!

Why everyone needs to quit calling dads "babysitters" already

Avoiding using the "dad" word can be hugely detrimental - for dads and their kids.

"My mother-in-law refuses to pass on gifts or cards for my newborn"

This mum's baby is now seven weeks old, and she feels bad telling friends she still hasn't received their presents.

Her son wanted a giraffe hat. The result was quite a ... banger?

This Easter Hat Parade saga is sure to make you laugh!

"How many sleeps till Dad gets home?" Why solo parenting is far from easy

For those with partners who regularly travel for work - it can be extremely tough to be the person left at home.

7 baking fails that prove you should NEVER attempt a Peppa Pig cake

Getting the nose right is VERY IMPORTANT, people.

YEEZUS! Kanye West has a new album coming - and it's for kids

Well, we didn't see that coming...

5 main reasons why toddlers cry (that actually make a lot of sense)

There's a science behind your toddler's tears ... and it actually explains a lot.

Serious question. Is it REALLY that awful to put your toddler on a leash?

As one mum puts it, “I would rather ‘treat a child like a dog’ and have them safe than risk them running off when they are ‘trained’ properly.”

3 easy ways your family can make a difference to the environment

A few easy things to swap out, so your kids can make a difference.

Say WHAT?! Science says playing hip hop to cheese makes it taste better

BRB ... gotta go blast some Tribe Called Quest to my Gouda.

Why sending a kid to big school is like ANOTHER full-time job for parents

Tomorrow is a new (school) day ... brace yourself for it!

This miracle song will get your baby to sleep in a flash. Seriously.

What is this sorcery? And why didn't we hear about it sooner?!

6 easy elephant crafts to get kids excited for the new Dumbo movie

We're excited ... which means our kids need to get excited, too!

"I thought I was beginning my online life, but hundreds of my photos were already on the internet"

This 14-year-old was shocked to see how much her mum posted about her before she was "old enough" to use social media.

Photos of dad vs photos of mum: this comic nails it

Why is it that 96 percent of husbands don't seem to know their way around a camera?

How many of these fibs have you told your child? We score 20/20 ...

It's as if telling these white lies to our children is a parenting rite of passage!