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Clementine Ford on raising kids in a sexist world

We talk to the acclaimed author and activist.

Social media and your kids: how to share sensibly and safely

It’s vital we consider the implications for our kids, both now and in future. 

Film review: Beauty and the Beast

Shevonne Hunt gets a sneak peek at the new blockbuster, which hits theatres on March 23.

Childcare strike this Wednesday – what you need to know

It's the biggest early learning education walk-off in Australian history.

Babysitting gets The Bachelor treatment in hilarious video

We wish this was a real TV show!

Epic Peppa Pig prizes up for grabs!

This comp has now closed. And the winner is...

How to cut your weekly shopping bill to $50

Bring it down to just $50 a week!

This four-year-old singing with Moana will make you melt

Ready for the cutest thing you've seen all day?

Watch this parody of mums at school pick-up

'Trish' (aka comedian Christian Hull) is back again, bringing the LOLs.

How to ensure your child’s future job success

Don't worry, it's not as big a job as it sounds.

Why fighting about whether men are predators misses the point

A provocative newspaper article has everyone talking, but are we losing sight of the real solution?

This childcare mum parody video is the funniest

Laugh out loud at 'Mrs Trish' in action.

Best bogan baby names revealed

Hilarious hybrid-names and mangled spelling is so in this year. 

Dad Shirt: Great idea or expensive gimmick?

Parents are divided over this kangaroo-esque parent fashion piece.

How to ditch the dummy for good

Time to say goodbye to that slippery sucker? These three steps will help. 

Melbourne Museum: An enchanting space for kids and their adults

Based on years of research, it's a space like no other, says Shevonne Hunt.

Firstborn children are smartest, study reveals

Academics have discovered what many of us have always known.

Playgroup NSW launches free new group for babies

A brand new free learning initiative for newborns and their carers.

Four simple steps to recharge your relationship after kids

How to bring back the spark when it's all sizzled out.

Seven positions to try this Valentine's Day

We know what parents really want this V-Day. Here's our guide on how to get it.

Can scheduled romance make love real again?

Book in the love to keep your relationship strong, says Shevonne Hunt.

Mum’s hilarious guide to housework is the best

"Do a smell check for urine in the bathroom" and other handy tips.

How early childhood education impacts young Indigenous lives

Deb Mann of Ngroo Education shares her professional experience.

6 awesome Valentine’s Day presents for your partner

Thoughtful gift ideas for your lover.