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Being smacked as a kid only taught me to fear my parents

Smacking is now banned in 58 countries. With any luck, Australia will follow suit soon.

A bang-on commentary on mum-shaming: "Her success is not your failure"

It's not anyone else's place to judge the milestones a mum wants to celebrate.

This is how many kids you should have if you want to be your happiest (apparently)

Well, this could be controversial ...

Read the heartbreaking letter Roald Dahl wrote after losing his daughter to measles

The famous author dedicated two of his most loved books to his eldest daughter, Olivia.

50 surnames that make very on-trend baby names

Move over, androgynous monikers. This is the hot new baby-naming trend.

A dad’s guide to buying Mother's Day presents

Easy and inexpensive ways to make mum feel awesome. 

The sad truth behind The Wiggles' iconic finger wiggle

Former Wiggle, Murray Cook, opens up about why the hand gesture was originally created.

4 upcoming orchestra performances, specially for kids!

Want your kid to love playing music? Meeting an orchestra is the best place to start!

This mum perfectly sums up how every parent feels about 'letting go'

This mum's reflection on life after your kids grow up will hit you right in the feels.

The power of lullabies and why we all should sing them

Why lullabies are good for your kids, and you too!

Zoe Foster-Blake joins the 'mums who invent weird food for their kids' gang

Do we feel a cookbook coming on?

Can you guess these One Hit Wonders from a video clip still?

Take our quiz and find out!

15 memories to make with your kids (before they grow up too much)

A buckte list of activities to help you make the most of your kids' young years.

10 ways to know if your child is 'gifted'

Here's how to tell if you have a gifted child on your hands!

I'm a softie mum, and I don't plan on changing

Let your kid 'wag' kindy sometimes? Or succumb to their tears? No shame here!

What's so bad about screens at the dinner table? This.

New research weighs in on the matter of screen time during meals.

Part-time working mums are the best employees. Here's why.

It's a lot to juggle, but you working mums are a catch.

6 reasons why a "museum playdate" is the outing every kid needs

It’s fun, educational, social … and so much more!

11 books and activities that help explain Anzac Day to little ones

Lest we forget.

6 tips that'll have your kid riding a bike in no time

New skills can be daunting to learn, so it's important to tackle them carefully!

5 reasons why I'm glad I have an outspoken child

The "now" may be challenging, but the future is looking bright.

Is it so wrong to cuddle my babies to sleep every night?

I cuddle my little loves to sleep every night. But is that so bad?

5 doormats that are WAY more fitting for homes with kids

For when you want to say "welcome" but also "enter at own risk".

Science says 'dad beards' are even dirtier than dog fur

Do with this information what you will.