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These Bluey birthday cakes are all the inspiration you need!

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Is there a kid in Australia who doesn't love Bluey? We don't think so! And that means there's a high chance you'll be asked to create a Bluey birthday cake in the coming years. We've rounded up inspiration for all baking skill levels.

Has your little Bluey fan got a birthday coming up?

Make his or her party dreams come true by whipping up a cake of their favourite dog.

Here’s some inspo.

1. Bluey tower

The cake is impressive! The maker, Let’s. Celebrate. With. Cake says it is a coconut cake with “thick passionfruit curd and raspberry Swiss meringue (yum!)” but we know the two-year-old it’s in honour of is going to be most excited about Bluey standing next to the candle when he blows it out!

2. Lucky Jesse

We imagine Jesse would have squealed upon seeing this delectable Bluey cake made by Cakes By Ebony.

3. Sweet ‘n’ simple

We love this simple take on the Bluey cake. You could do a cheat’s version and use the supermarket cake hack and place a Bluey figurine in front. Or you could attempt to craft one from marzipan like clever Shelley’s Cakes has, and place him in front. Voila!

4. Bluey cupcakes

Cakes.By.Zoey made every little party goer smile by giving them their own Bluey on a cupcake with these edible pictures!

5. Cake by ‘Anxiety Alex’

We LOVE this one by ‘Anxiety Alex’ who reveals it is “a classic chocolate sponge on the inside and a shit ton of blue colouring on the outside”. Well done!

6. Too good to eat

Baked With Love By Bec created this amazing Bluey, which looks like he’s been sculpted from plasticine – not icing. (He hasn’t. Bec is a genius!) Also, how could you cut into this cute Bluey?! This one is too good to be eaten.

And here's some other creations that the Kinderling office wanted to add:

7. Bluey face

Remember when the world went nuts for that simple unicorn cake that turned a multi-layer cake into a simple unicorn face with mane and horn sticking out the top? Below are the Bluey versions of that, and they are awesome!

8. The whole family

This cake is like the Women's Weekly pool cake - reinvented for the modern Bluey age. We love all the detail in each of the family members - and all the delicious wafer biscuits are a great bonus!

9. The handy edible print

If you're competent at cake making, but less competent at making cakes look like actual cartoon characters, this option is for you! It looks equally impressive, and a billion times less tricky than attempting to make a Bluey-shaped cake.

This article originally appeared on Babyology.