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'90s canteen foods that were the bomb back in the day

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1. Sunny Boys

Ahhh, the awkwardly shaped icy treat that kids couldn't get enough of - with 'cool' flavours like Glug Cola and Razz Raspberry. Sadly, after being ditched from the tuckshop menu it was all downhill for the Sunny Boy, with the product being discontinued in 2016.

2. Pizza Pockets

Hot pockets of lava with minimal filling and max novelty factor. They were like eating dense cardboard - but in a good way.

3. Jelly Cups

I think these were first banned because they were choking hazards ... but also the fact that they are just little nuggets of gelatinous sugary joy with zero nutritional value didn't give them any bonus points. 

4. Lasagna

Sounded tasty, looked like vomit. This was a child's first lesson in 'looks aren't the most important thing' - and what a delicious lesson it was.

5. Chicken and Corn Roll

Grey mystery meat in a golden case, the Chicken and Corn Roll was the poor man's Chiko Roll - and that's saying something! Meat quality aside, these were bound to be a hit because they featured three things kids love:

  1. Chicken
  2. Corn - the most non-vegetable of vegetables
  3. And of course, fried stuff!

6. Pizza Singles

These were the lesser brother of the Pizza Pocket, mainly because they weren't big enough to even satisfy the miniature hunger of a kindergartener... But pizza is pizza. And pizza is good.

7. Zooper Doopers

A classic then. A classic today. And at 30c a pop you couldn't go wrong!

8. Nutella Squares

This was like the 'legitimate' way to eat Nutella straight from the jar - but it doesn't fly today! You have to worry about sugar levels, palm oil and excess packaging ... and where's the room for fun in that? 

9. Ovalteenies

I'm not sure if these were actually tasty, or if it was just because it sounded like a 'healthier' snack option that still tasted like chocolate ... either way, whenever I saw my friends with a packet of these bad boys, I was jealous.

10. Finger Buns and Lamingtons

How good were the days when the canteen doubled as a delicious, delicious bakery? You'd get your finger buns and lamingtons and custard tarts ... *drool*