10 cheap summer holiday activity ideas for parents

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Sure, there’s the beach, the pool, or running through a sprinkler. But what else can keep the kids entertained in summer? Here’s some fun, easy and low-cost ideas to keep the kids entertained for the rest of the break.

1. Go for a bushwalk

Get your nature on! Kids love being outdoors and exploring the bush. It's great exercise but if they're really little, pop them in a back hiking carrier or their little legs might get tired. You can even take a picnic to have along the way or go the whole hog and combine your bushwalking with a bit of camping!

2. Head to the cinema

What better way to escape a soaring heatwave than munching on popcorn and sipping cold drinks in a cool air-conditioned cinema? There's always a heap of children's films on during the holidays. And if you're not keen to venture out just whack on the AC, turn the blinds and do your own home movie experience instead!

3. Have a crafternoon

Craft at home can be messy and time consuming which is why we usually say no to it! Now you've got more time on your hands though, why not break out the paints, pens, clay and whatever else you've got going on. Science experiments are always a winner too!

4. Try ice-skating

Another cool haven on those sweltering summer days - the ice rink! Lots of family fun, but if you're not keen to get on the ice yourself you can always get them a few lessons while you go shopping.

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5. Start gaming as a family

Rather than letting your kids play video games for hours on end by themselves, why not get involved yourself?! Multi-player options on the Wii are great for this, otherwise get back to basics with some good old fashioned games like chess, cards and Monopoly.

6. Cook up a storm

Children love baking, or cooking anything for that matter! Let them get stuck in and super messy while they help chop, stir, mix and then eat all your tasty treats.

7. Gardening

This is a sneaky way to get some of your own chores done while being outdoors in the sun, exercising AND entertaining the kids! What little one doesn't love putting their hands in the dirt, looking for worms, picking flowers and using the watering can?!

8. Check out an animal park

Go check out what's new at the zoo or another animal sanctuary - even if it's a little drive away. Better yet, if you go for the aquarium you'll be nice and cool too!

9. Ride your bikes

Get the whole family on bikes, scooters or skateboards and get rolling. Combine this outdoor activity with a nice lunch and everyone will be really happy.

10. Make some music

Get that old guitar out of the garage, whack on the SingStar and grab the pots and pans - it's music time! No matter the age, all children love music and together you can make some sweet sounds. And if you're not up for creating your own music you can always pop on the stereo and have a family disco instead! Kinderling has heaps of great Digital Disco downloads and our Mixtapes in our free app.

 This article was originally published on Babyology.