10 easy (yet effective!) Christmas craft projects for kids

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In the days leading up to December 25, take a few moments of quiet with the kids to get their creative juices flowing and to spend some quality time together. These fun and festive craft ideas are easy to make, and look great too!

1. Create a small birdhouse

These sweet handmade birdhouse ornaments are so cute, they'll be your favourite new DIY heirloom! via Kiflies Levendula

2. Build a village

A tabletop village is the perfect DIY project for parents and kids to create together. Via Crafts By Amanda

3. Bake sweets

The sky is the limit when it comes to fancying up these simple and delicious bickies!via Taste

4. Whip up a woolly wreath

Everything is better in miniature, especially if you make it woolly, too! via Christopher and Tia

5. Fashion some personalised angels

Whip up a classic angel with your child, or whack their face on one for an extra personal touch! via Arty Crafty Kids

6. Transform paper plates into faces

Whodathunkit that a paper plate could transform into something so jolly adorable?! via Kix Cereal

7. Craft some drinking straw Christmas trees

The humble paper straw becomes a candy-striped Christmas tree decoration, thanks to this excellent project. via Crafts By Courtney

8. Decorate pinecones

Nature meets fun with this easy-yet-colourful fuzzy project. via One Little Project

9. Make popsicle stick Christmas trees

Encourage your child to go nuts with the sparkle and colour, and you too could have these beauties hanging about your place! via Arty Crafty Kids

10. Create a glitzy snowflake decoration

More popsicle sticks, this time glued to form a star shape and then adorned with precious sparkles! via Toddler Approved

This article was originally published on Babyology.