10 Halloween costumes for your little trick-or-treater

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Whether you’re a parent who's spent months planning, pinteresting, designing and making this year's Halloween costume, or you’re the parent who forgets and does the urgent dash to the dollar store (me), we’ve got the best costumes to try while your tots are still little.

1. Little old people

Make the most of bub's wobbly knees and toothless grins! All ya need is a grey wig (if your kid's not still bald), a cardi and glasses.

Images from Pinterest and Pinterest.

2. Bag of jellybeans

Cute, inexpensive and easy to assemble! All you need is some balloons, a see through bag, and a printout of your fave jellybeans logo.

Images from redbook mag and The SITS Girls

3. E.T.

Costumes like these are bound to win your kid more treats.

Image from @laurenmancke

4. Jellyfish

Blob, blob, blob. Whether it be some easy ribbon or high-tech LED lights, the variations to this costume are endless! And handy if the weather turns.

Images from Today's Parent and Hello Wonderful

5. Scuba divers

Effective and environmentally responsible! Repurposing old plastic bottle and dummies is a nice touch. 

Images from Delineate Your Dwelling and Pinterest

6. Unicorn

This mythical creature is very in vogue right now. Fortunately this can be as extravagant or simple as you have time for.

Image from Hello Wonderful and Jamiray

7. Musical legends

From Bowie to Prince, you can get creative with these ones! Even a touch of face paint, or an appropriate jacket will work wonders.

Images from College Candy and Pinterest

8. The Minions!

Nothing despicable about this outfit.

Images from Hodge Podge Craft and Wine and Glue

9. Wayne's World

This one's for us parents!

Image by @lomo._

10. Jon Snow

And another one, because if you've got a mini direwolf at home, you have to use it.

Images from Imgur and Twitter