9 parents who put our Crazy Hair Day efforts to shame

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Ahhh, Crazy Hair Day. The day where the pressure is on parents to help their children realise their wildest hair dreams and desires... but also to ensure that they keep these dreams and desires in line with what is actually achievable by Mummy and Daddy.

A very pressing issue for some, less hair-gifted parents ... not so pressing for others.

Like this mum who went viral this week for creating THE MOST PERFECT Ariel hairstyle for her daughter:

Source: Twitter

Apparently this mum took inspiration for the hairstyle from her own daughters'names - Ariel and Atlantis. (You'll also be non-surprised to hear that little Atlantis "won" crazy hair day with this 'do!)

So many inspiring hairstyles, so little time!

This mermaid styling got us on the hunt for other, inspiring creations parents (more talented than ourselves) have come up with to wow their kidlets. And BOY there are a lot.

Here we've rounded up some of our new favouries.

1. The Poop Emoji

Source: Instagram

It's a cheeky poop. It's an emoji reference. This hairstyle wins on multiple levels and will have all the classmates giggling. Now... how to make that felt stay in place on a bun all day.

2. Surfer Boy

Source: Twitter

FACT: There isn't a little boy in the world who wouldn't love this hairstyle. They'll be feeling like King of the Groms all day. 

3. Out of this WORLD

Source: Twitter

Wowzers. Not only is this intergalactic hairstyle insanely impressive to look at it, it also seems to have all the "proper" planets accounted for. With my space knowledge, I'd be putting this one in the "too hard" basket - but you might like to give it a crack!

4. Good enough to eat

Source: Instagram

We assume this is cotton wool and not some pink witchcraft performed by this girl's mother (of father) to turn her hair into legitimate fairy floss. Either way, it looks badass ... and we could totally imagine Gwen Stefani rocking this look circa the No Doubt era.

5. Your hair's a bird's nest!

Source: Twitter

Usually having a birdsnest for hair isn't a good thing, but we adore the real leaves and realistic birds used to create this statement hairstyle. It will have little girls feeling like queens of the forest. 

6. Ready for ramen?

Source: Twitter

Want hair good enough to slurp? Why not create a big bowl of noodles!

7. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Source: Instagram

We don't even know how this works. All we know is that your Olaf-loving littlie will go nuts for this look.

8. A style that REALLY stands out ... and up!

Source: Twitter

Working with long hair? Why not transform your child into a palm tree - one sure-fire way to grab attention in a see of crazy hair! Bonus points for also looking semi-achievable to the non-hairdressers among us.

Have you nailed a Crazy Hair Day hairstyle? We'd love to see photos! You can share them with us via our Facebook.