11 cheap DIY hacks to kid-proof your home

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When kids start rolling, crawling and walking around, they can catch you buy surprise! They love to explore, which also means they put their little fingers in places they shouldn’t. And while there are a million products out there specifically designed to baby-proof a home, there are heaps of easy ways to do it yourself.

Save yourself some dollarydoos by giving these safety tricks a whirl!

1. Pool noodle piece as door stopper

Protect your baby's chubby little fingers from being jammed in the door with this simple trick: Slice a pool noodle and slide it over the door. Sure, it may not look stylish, but it will do the job! Check out the full tutorial at Muslin & Merlot.

2. Use a washing basket for bathtime

Image credit: Happy Home Fairy

If your baby is too big for the baby bath but too little for the big bath, keep her away from the spout and taps where she could bump her head, by bathing her in a washing basket. 

3. Close cupboards with cookie cutters

Image credit: Pinterest

Cookie and play dough cutters are a cute way to keep doors closed and your baby out of them. 

4. Rubber band doors open

Image credit: Good Housekeeping

If you have a toddler who is in the habit of shutting doors on himself (and locking himself in a room), simply twist a rubber band around the two door nobs, including the latch to stop it from closing. 

5. Eliminate stair railing gaps

Stop your little one from squeezing through stair railings (or posting his toys through them!) with some MDF board and zip ties. Get the instructions from The Mom Bot.

6. Put band aids on light switches

If your baby can reach a light switch (say by standing in her cot), simply slap a band aid across it to stop her from being able to flick it on and off - continuously (sigh!).

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7. Shut wardrobe doors with coat hangers

Image credit: Pinterest

If you have door nobs like these on your wardrobe, hang a coat hanger on them to keep your baby out.

8. Protect toilet paper with a rubber band

Image credit: The life of CK and Nate 

Save your home from being decorated with toilet paper by your toddler with this simple hack: Slide a rubber band around the roll of paper and your baby won't be able to find the end to pull. 

9. Cut small containers for door knob protectors

If your toddler can reach the door handle from her cot, try this trick: Cut slits in the lid of a small plastic container and slide it over the door knob, then screw on the bowl. Get the instructions from Pinterest.

10. Protect your fridge with hooks and a rubber band

If your toddler likes to 'help herself' to whatever is in the fridge, two sticky hooks and a rubber band will prevent spills and broken eggs. Get the instructions from Pinterest.

11. Enclose power cords out of reach

House power boards and cords in a plastic container to keep little fingers away from them. Get the instructions from Pinterest.

This article was originally published on Babyology.