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11 ways to make an enchanted garden with your fairy-loving child

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Does your little one believe in fairies? Do you want to bring the magic alive for them in your own home or backyard? These enchanted fairy garden craft ideas will do the trick!

When I was little, my bestie and I would spend hours in the garden creating little homes for the fairies we longed to exist. We’d fashion roofs out of leaves, garden paths from pebbles and use bark to create secret doors. 

If you build it they will come!

Fairy gardens are now something of a trend on Instagram and Pinterest, much to my adult’s hearts delight! Now I’m going to share this magical childhood fantasy with my own sons by creating a fairy garden with them.

You can too

You can use anything and everything to create a fairy garden. Marbles, little toys, broken garden pots, moss, leaves, shells and pebbles – your child’s imagination is the limit!

Here are 11 enchanting miniature gardens to create some fairy magic with your little one.

1. Fairies live here

Bring a little magic to your garden by creating this fairy house with your kidlets. Think pebbles for a path, toy furniture and small plants.

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2. Enchanted suitcase

If your child has an old toy suitcase, or even a lunch box, she has the makings of a portable fairy garden! Simply fill it with soil, a scattering of moss and place a fairy house and some other bits and bobs in the garden.

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3. Upcycle an old basket

Got an old basket lying about? Give it a fairy makeover with your little ones with this cute idea (don't forget the swing!)

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4. Clothesline fit for a fairy

Fairies need to do the washing too! Fashion them a clothesline out of some twigs, material cuts offs and some string with this gorgeous idea.

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5. Cute pot garden

Your child could create a fence using paddle pop sticks and an old saucer; it makes a lovely swimming pool for mythical creatures.

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6. Painted rock houses

Here's an activity and a craft in one. Have your child select some rocks for her fairies to live in and then paint on little windows and doors. Cute!

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7. Teapot house

Fairies live in cups and teapots, didn't you know?! Replicate this cute idea with your little one by using an old tea cup, a doll's chair and planting some magic.

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8. Secret garden

Don't toss out your broken terracotta pot. In fact, the more damaged the better! It will make the basis of a gorgeous fairy garden for your child to create - complete with steps and shells and cascading plants.

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9. Mythical tower

If your child loves to build towers and also play make believe, then this one is for them. How cute are the ladders?!

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10. Fairy swing

"Wee!" Fairies love to swing, just like your little one. Use a spare wheel that's fallen off one of your kid's toys and some string to make one for your child's winged friends.

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11. Twinkle, twinkle, little stars

A fairy garden is a magical place so it just makes sense that it would come to life with lights at night time. You could also hide a few tealight candles in your garden.

This article originally appeared on Babyology.