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11 sensory play ideas for babies (once they stop sleeping all the time)

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Our babies' brains are like memory foam - ready to soak up whatever stimilus we give them! Make the most of this curious stage with these fun sensory activities.

Now that your baby is no longer a sleepy newborn, you’ll be looking at ways to entertain them – beyond going for a walk in the pram. Look no further! These fun activities are easy to do and will bring on squeals of joy.

1. Baby discovery bottles

Save a few clear bottles from your recycling and fill them with all sorts of bits and bobs to entertain bub. Rice, pasta, glitter floating in water and fluffy pom poms are just a few ideas.

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2. Squishy cloud dough

Simply add a cup of coconut oil to four cups of plain flour to make this light and fluffy sensory dough. Don't worry if your bub gives it a taste test, it's safe to eat. Yay!

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3. Edible paint

Babies love to put everything in their mouths, so this edible finger paint made with yoghurt and a dash of food colouring is where it's at!

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4. 'Post the fabric' game

If your baby loves to pull baby wipes from the box, try this easy activity: Fill up on old baby wipes container with colourful fabric scraps and let him pull and shove them back in. He'll not only have a ball, but will also learn about cause and effect.

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5. Jelly dig

This sensory play idea is made with gelatin, so you needn't worry about your baby getting a sugar-rush. Simply bury some plastic toys in the goo for her to dig out with her fingers. Messy, but fun!

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6. Muffin tin play

Got a muffin tin? Then you have an activity your baby will adore! Place the tin next to your little one, along with a variety of objects that he can place in the muffin 'spaces' - and then go and make yourself a cup of tea. He'll be occupied for at least 15 minutes!

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7. Pillow crawl

This one couldn't be easier. Simply toss a few pillows on the floor for your crawling baby to scamper over and place a reward toy at the end of his obstacle course for added incentive. A great one for building up muscle strength.

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8. Rubber band jam

Make a bread tin guitar by stretching some rubber bands over it. Bub will love to pluck the strings with his chubby little finger and then watch them magically spring back when he lets go.

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9. Shaving cream coloured bags

Create some sensory fun by filling zip lock bags (secure the opening with gaffer tape) with shaving cream and a few drops of paint. Then, watch your baby create new colours as she squishes the shaving cream mixture between her fingers.

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10. Spaghetti fun

It's slimy, squishy and you can eat it, no wonder babies love spaghetti! Boil some, cool it with cold water and then place your baby with a bowl of it outside for a fun sensory activity.

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11. Explore bags

Get bub to practice her sitting skills by tapping some fun zip lock bags to the wall for her to examine. Simply fill them with whatever knick knacks you have lying around the house and she'll love feeling them through the plastic.

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This article originally appeared on Babyology.