13 funny Easter fails to help you laugh off the sugar crash

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Cute Easter egg hunts, fluffy bunnies, crafty cooking - Easter holidays with kids can be a wonderful time, but it doesn't always go to plan. From funny signs to freaky Easter bunnies to kitchen calamities, here's 13 frighteningly funny fails to give you a giggle. 

1. Wow! Three-dimensional eggs! 

(source: Cheezburger)

2. When the Easter Bunny goes feral

(source: Neatorama)

3. Don't eat the chocolate eggs

(source: mytypohumour.com)

4. Easter Bunny oversight

(source: youhadonejob.org)

5. The Freakiest Easter Bunny award goes to...

(source: pinterest.com)

6. Oh wait! There's a new contender

(source: pinterest.com)

7. Easter sticks come unstuck

(source: pinterest.com)

8. Lucky this bunny has a scarf - otherwise it'd be terrifying

(source: pinterest.com)

9. More funny than bunny

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10. We'd be screaming too

(source: imgur.com)

11. Like Donnie Darko meets strawberry thickshake

(source: pinterest.com)

12. More devil than eggs

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13. Rabbit or roadkill?

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