13 resourceful hacks for organising toys

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Small kids manage to distribute toys ALL across the house. If you don’t get on top of it, it can be so hard to keep them in any form of order. But never fear! These hacks are super easy, cheap and most of all, effective for keeping toys off the ground and in their place.

1. Hanging shoe organiser for dolls

Forget about shoes - these nifty hanging door organisers are brilliant for storing dolls. It's like they're having a party there, plus it keeps them out of sight too. Also works a treat for soft toys, cars, pencils, or anything else you can think of.

2. Shelves for toy cars

If you have boys you will have hundreds of toy cars. Wall shelves are a great way to display and organise them, another great option is to use magnetic strips to create really cool and functional wall art.

3. Toolbox for storing Lego

There are dozens of cool ways to display and store Lego, but a simple way for quick organisation of all those mismatched bits is to use an old toolbox.

4. Box unit for neat organisation

Good old Ikea or other furniture places are a winner with box shelving units like this. Simply sort toys and games into categories and pop them in the different compartments!

5. Closet organiser for board games

If you tuck board games and puzzles away in a cupboard up high they'll never use them. Try this nifty hanging closet idea instead, using a removable hanging wardrobe shelf.

6. Coffee pod carousel

How cool does this look?! Put the different Playdoh tubs in this baby and you won't have to go hunting for them ever again.

7. Dress up suitcase

Repurpose an old suitcase and fill it with all your kids' fancy dress clothes. They'll love getting it out and packing things away, plus it's totally portable too!

8. Hanging baskets

Nice and neat - use cool hanging baskets on the wall (usually for the pantry or plants) to keep soft toys and more in plain sight but out of the way.

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9. Create parking spots for bikes

By simply using some duct tape you can create individual parking spaces for all the scooters, trikes, bikes and trucks - brilliant!

10. Ziplock bags and pencil cases

If you aren't using them get on to it! Instead of storing bulky puzzle boxes, you can pop the pieces inside a pencil case or use them for other things like Lego pieces with the instructions.

11. Old plate racks for books

These plate racks are perfect for storing wooden puzzles or books and look cute too!

12. Wagon bookshelf

Your child's own personal travelling library! Use an old toy wagon and they can move it room to room.

13. Label everything

Labelling is everything in organisation. You can even go one step further and print out a picture if you want - whatever works for you.

This article was originally published on Babyology.