14 books that are total lifesavers for parents in baby’s first year

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Onesies are a pretty standard gift for baby showers and while useful (for a couple weeks, a least!), you might be looking for something that can be used for a little longer. Here are 14 great baby books for new parents if you’re expecting your own baby, or want to gift them to a parent-to-be friend.

1. BabyCalm by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Lots of new mums are fans of Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s thanks to her understanding of the headspace of new parents. With gentle advice, Sarah encourages new mums to trust their instincts. She also reminds you that there are other ways to cope with being a new mum besides strict baby routines or controlled crying.

2. Sleeping Like a Baby by Pinky McKay

Popular parenting expert, Pinky McKay's baby sleep book is down to earth and heartening. McKay has a natural, intuitive approach to solving your bub's sleep problems and gives practical tips along the way, including how to understand tired cues and more.

3. Bringing Baby Home by Chris Minogue

You might know her as the calm, reassuring voice of our Kinderling Helpline. Compiled from her 30 years of experience as a Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue's Bringing Baby Home is a treasure trove of baby info, full of simple, easy-to-follow tips on everything from feeding and sleeping to suggestions on how to connect with your baby and introduce your new bub to their siblings.

4. The Wonder Weeks by Hetty Vanderijt and Frans X. Plooij

The Wonder Weeks looks at the first 60 days of your baby's life and offers an explanation for your little one's bewildering behaviour. The book asks parents to celebrate these few wondrous weeks, rather than fret their way through them.

5. What to Expect the First Year by Heidi Murkoff

This follow-on from What to Expect When You're Expecting is a much-loved baby guide. With practical tips, it covers everything you need to know about baby care. It also contains helpful information to do with monthly growth and development, feeding, sleep strategies and ways to stimulate your baby.

6. The First Six Weeks by Midwife Cath

It's often said that the first six weeks with your newborn baby are the hardest. As such, Midwife Cath has written this practical and easy-to-use guide which covers all aspects of your newborn's first weeks. Her advice, experience and wisdom will guide new mums as well as help you to establish a routine for your baby.

7. The Discontented Little Baby Book by Pamela Douglas

Written with compassion, The Discontented Little Baby Book gives practical and evidence-based strategies for helping you and your baby get more in sync. Dr Pamela Douglas offers a path to protect your baby's brain development so your little one can reach his or her full potential.

8. Baby Love by Robin Barker

A baby guide classic, Baby Love is a bestseller that helps thousands of new parents every year navigate their baby's first year. With expert, practical advice along with Robin Barker's wisdom and humour, Baby Love is like a baby bible.

9. The Gentle Sleep Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Sarah Ockwell-Smith won’t advise you to leave your baby to cry or shut the door on your sobbing child. Her gentle approach to sleep, aims to help your child and you stay calm. She covers everything from frequent night waking in babyhood, through bedwetting in toddlerhood, to nightmares and refusal to go to bed in pre-schoolers. The book has scientific as well as anecdotal information, plus lots of gentle suggestions to help everyone get a good night's sleep.

10. Breastfeeding ... Naturally by the Australian Breastfeeding Association

Written by the wonderful ladies at the Australian Breastfeeding Association, this helpful guide to breastfeeding contains practical and useful information on breastfeeding from birth to weaning. The 200-page book also includes photos and diagrams.

11. Boobin' All Day Boobin' All Night by Meg Nagle

Written for the breastfeeding mum who feels an instinctual pull to comfort feed and breastfeed her baby to sleep, this book encourages mums to trust that instinct and follow the lead of their breastfed little one, Meg Nagle offers suggestions on how to get more sleep without having your baby cry, protest, or self-settle.

12. Twins by Katrina Bowman and Louise Ryan

Twins is a practical guide to parenting multiples from conception to two years old. It is based on research as well as the authors' own and other twin parents' experiences of pregnancy, birth and twin toddlers.

13. The Baby Sleep Book by William Sears

A comprehensive, reassuring and solution-filled sleep resource, The Baby Sleep Book takes a different approach to your baby's sleep issues. Instead of a "one method fits all" approach advocated in other baby sleep guides, William Sears and his co-author family members explain how you can create a sleep plan that suits the needs of your individual family.

14. Weaning by Annabel Karmel

This guide to weaning your baby from child nutritionist, Annabel Karmel is great to read when starting your baby on solids. It includes weaning advice as well as over 50 delicious and nutritious puree recipes.

This post originally appeared on Babyology.