15 crazy gender reveal cakes

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This whole gender reveal tradition has gotten a little out of control. Flying about the internet are videos of fireworks, paintball games and hair dye jobs, all revealing either pink or blue (because apparently boy and girl colours still exist). 

Somehow though, the good ole cake is the one that seems to be the most inappropriate and cringe-worthy. Have a chuckle over these 14 quite ridiculous gender reveal options.

1. Stick or no stick

We're guessing these parents are alluding to whether or not their bub has a penis or a vagina but it's kind of hard to tell ...

Image source: @omgcupcakefactory

2. Cupcake or stud muffin

Hmmm, not sure about these gender stereotypes… neither option sounds good to us!

Image: Pinterest

3. Baby bump

Pregnant belly, boobs, protruding baby feet and cake. What a fab combo! It seems we'll all be having cake via a c-section today.

Image: Pinterest

4. Clippers or curls

Most babies don't even have hair so thinking about trimming their beards or curling their hair is just a bit odd. 

Image source: @nicole_young_events

5. All about Frank

Yay for Frank! Nothing to do with the baby's mum, it's all about papa Frank and his amazing sperm. Let's all give Frank a round of applause, forget about the actual mama that has to push it out. Eye roll.

Image source: twitter.com/parkermolloy

6. He or she?

Nothing like sticking a big sharp knife into a baby's butt to make you lose your appetite.

Image source: @b.c.s.f.

7. Nuts or no nuts?

I'll tell you what's nuts - this cake! Why on earth would you want to start talking about your baby's genitalia in such a crass way? Stay classy people. 

Image source: @farmerrobin_ny

8. Mustache or bows?

Again with the baby butt! And the stereotypes! And is that a poo lying there? 

Image source: @bmdex

9. Who am I?

Nothing like engorged milk boobs in cake form to share your baby's gender. 

Image source: @eventz_n_thingzllc

10. Pistols or pearls

Woah, now we're getting dangerous. If you have a penis you get a gun?! While girls get to wear nice necklaces?! Gross.

Image source: @allascustomcuteness

11. Guns or ...

We guess these peeps are just gunning for a boy? Look out people, would NOT want to be at that shower.

Image source: @idreamofjeaniescakes

12. Just here for the sex

Someone thought their 'hilarious' pun would get the party started. We're thinking it was just awkward. Also, punctuation matters people!

Image source: @cakememoriesbakery

13. Buck or doe?

Maybe it's a baby, maybe it's a deer ... you'll have to slice to find out.

Image source: @backwoodsblessed

14. What the duck?

Just because it's punny, doesn't mean it's funny.

Image source: @tasha

15. Gender reveal lasagna

Okay, okay. It's not a cake, but this lasagna LOOKS like a cake, and it's very upsetting really. (Read the full story here).

What’s the craziest gender reveal you’ve ever seen?

This article was originally published on Babyology.