14 easy party ideas for kids who love trucks

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Got a kid that goes bonkers for trucks and construction sites? You're not alone ... and the plethora of great 'construction-themed' party ideas out there proves it!

Before we get into it, we've made an entire Construction-themed Party Playlist specially for an event like this! Find out more.

If your child is obsessed with trucks and dreams of being Bob the Builder when they grow up, then you’ll probably already be thinking along the lines of a construction-themed party for their next birthday bash.

Well look no further! We’ve found all the inspiration you need to put the brmm, clank and grrrr into their special day.

1. 'Dig in' jelly cups

A construction party is all about having good signage. For the free 'Dig in' printables shown here, as well as more construction party inspiration, head to Lime & Mortar.

2. Crumbly construction cake

You don't have to be precious about how this cake comes out of the oven - if it's collapsing on one side, use it as part of your design. 

Image credit Pinterest/Natalie Hague.

3. Traffic light fruit pops

Add some healthy fruit to the party food table by threading red, orange and green melon balls onto sticks to make traffic lights. More construction party inspiration from Lime & Mortar.

4. 'I dig you' lolly bags

Simply toss in a cheap plastic digger with some 'boulders' to make these fun construction-themed lolly bags. More party inspiration from Fab Everyday.

5. Bouncing digger

Oh my. If you want to go all out for your construction party then this giant inflatable digger castle is jaw-dropping. Check it out at Ella's World.

6. Workman's break

Set up the scene for your little construction workers to eat lunch by handing out hard hats and using a yellow table cloth. More party inspiration from Love JK.

7. Workers invited

Of course no construction party is complete without a 'nailed it' themed invitation. You can get this one from Etsy maker ArcticParty.

8. Party games for little workers

The best thing about a construction party is the games! Think along the lines of sandpit digging fun, a building block construction station and tossing rope rings onto witches' hats. More party inspiration from Love JK.

9. Eating tools

At a construction birthday party, knives and forks are tools, not cutlery thank you very much. Simply wrap them in a serviette and place them in your toddler's toy dump truck for a cute serving idea. 

Image credit Pinterest/Upper Sturt General Store.

10. Easy bulldozer cake

Simply sprinkle some cake crumbs on the top of a chocolate cake and make a number 'track' out of icing to create this impressive bulldozer cake. 

Image credit Pinterest/Laura Mae.

11. Chocolate 'dirt pile' crackles

What birthday party food table doesn't have chocolate crackles? Here's a cute idea from Spaceships and laser beams to keep yours on theme.

12. Gift dump

Have a gift dumping spot by creating this sign and placing a wheelbarrow under it. More construction party inspiration at Peanut Butter and Honey.

13. Truck servers

Forget the platters and plates; your little one's toy trucks will make the best servers for all sorts of party food. More inspiration from Rookie Mums.

14. Party food zone

Use props like a tape measure, witches' hats and some 'caution' tape to make your party food table a work zone. More construction party inspiration from SNL Parties .

15. Blast our Construction Birthday Party Playlist!

We've made a whole playlist of songs about digging, fixing and driving - so take one thing off your plate and leave us in charge of the party music! Download our app to listen, or find out more here.

This article originally appeared on Babyology.