14 ways to get your kindergarten game on (ahead of the pack)

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I am certain there are several legitimate stages of the pre-kindergarten nerves you get as a parent.

Our oldest son, Harry, heads off to kindergarten in January, and I’m in stage one: feeling all the feels!

As a social butterfly who is getting very bored at home, I’m hoping we won’t have to deal with too many nerves. His nerves, that is.

And while the school he’s going to is absolutely fantastic, the idea of having to deal with an institution after successfully avoiding them for the past 15 years fills me with dread, for one simple reason: organisation.

Getting on top of kindy prep

If there’s anything I have witnessed among my friends with school-aged kids, it’s just how ridiculously up-to-speed a person needs to be.

Lists, lunches, uniforms, activities, routine, routine, routine. ARGH!

To alleviate the anxiety, I did what any person with a social media addiction does – posted a question on Facebook!

Listen to Kinderling Conversation:

Here’s what my seasoned school-mum friends came back with:

1. Iron name tags on EVERYTHING.

2. Buy three of the same hat. And then iron a name on all of them.

3. Don’t pack too much lunch because they don’t eat it. (Note: This comment was backed up by quite a few mums, so worth noting!)

4. Buy a Sharpie. Actually, buy several sharpies. Use it to write their name on everything too.

5. If you can, reduce your work hours so you can be at drop off and pick up every day on the first week.

6. Buy two school jumpers.

7. Practice making lunch and morning tea the night before. Ain’t nobody got time to do it in the morning! (Do they?)

8. Pack a secret pair of extra undies and let the teacher know where they are in case of accidents.

9. Be prepared for them to be VERY tired after school.

10. Bring small snacks for them to eat on the way home from school.

11. Understand that settling into school is a year-long process, the ups and downs last more than just the first week.

12. Buy a Yum Box, or similar bento-style lunchbox. It's an expensive outlay but well worth it by the end of the year.

13. Invest in the teacher relationship – don’t wait for the meetings to say hello and make an impression.

14. If your child strikes up a friendship, help it develop by meeting the parents and suggesting a playdate ASAP!

Do you have any great tips to share with parents about to embark on the 'big school' journey? Tell us on Facebook!