15 punny onesies perfect for presents (or for your own bub!)

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With the arrival of new bubs, dad puns are totally acceptable (even if you're a mum). Gift a mate one of these great onesies as a kickstarter, or snag one for you little one! You'll get nods of approval all round.

1. Gangsta Crapper

Simple, but makes a statement. Perfect for parents who love a bit of hip hop and want their bub to have swagger straight out of the womb. Owl & Otter, $28 from Hardtofind

2. Slice slice baby

Mmm pizza. Who doesn't love pizza? And talk about cute! Try putting this on your baby and not humming the song - I dare you. Vanilla Ice would be proud. $22.87 from Redbubble

3. Dad's a beardo

One for all the hipster dad's with awesome facial hair! Just try and stop them taking bub out for a walk when they're wearing this cute outfit. Milk and Cookies, $29.95 from Etsy

4. BWA

Babies With Attitude - gotta love it. Well, the rap loving parent and all their mates will! $22.87 from Redbubble

5. Hot diggity

We like the way this baby is working it! Your little one will look as cute as a sausage in this fun number plus Mummy and Daddy will think it's tops. Milk and Cookies, $29.95 from Etsy

6. Player 3

One for the Xbox/Playstation game playing papa! While he waits until they're old enough to play he can get them looking the part. $25.72, from Redbubble

7. I love the night life

Perfect for disco dancing dads, move mums and their boogie babies, this onesie is so cute! Materialistic, $38 from Hardtofind

8. Locally brewed

Any parents who love their craft beer or have a home brew kit will think this is a hoot - Bitty and Boho, $21.80 from Etsy

9. Storm pooper

There’s many a parent who obsesses over Star Wars - the best bit about this outfit is what's written on the bum. The Dark Side indeed!! Big Blank Canvas, $18.18 from Etsy

10. Baby in the corner

This one will make your bub stand out for sure and both Daddy and Mummy will think it's hilarious. Patrick Swayze would have been proud. $30.49 from Redbubble

11. Get milk

50 Cent fans get ready to lay down your cash - so much pun action here it's awesome. Snuggle Monkeys CC, $19.23 from Etsy

12. Straight outta mummy

Another one for the NWA rap loving dads - this time it's straight to the point and involves Mummy too. $21.52 from Redbubble

13. Small fry

This sweet little number will have any bub looking cute enough to eat! And everyone loves a big bunch of hot fries. $25.15 from Redbubble

14. House white

So many milk options to poke fun at but this one will have parentals snickering like there's no tomorrow. Sweet T Capri, $17.95 from Etsy

15. Future rugby star

Okay so technically this isn't a pun, but any sport mad dad is going to be pleased as punch to have his little angel sporting this onesie. You can even personalise it to reference whatever sport you want - too easy! Owl & Otter, $28 from Hardtofind

This article was originally published on Babyology.