OMG! 15 things kids of the 90s were ridiculously obsessed with

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Remember the 90s? Yep, us too. 

The decade that for many of us, meant the beginning of life as a teenager and well, lots of goofy, tacky and sparkly stuff that we just had to have. 

Sounds a bit like our kids now, right? 

But don't think too much about that and instead, take a walk down memory lane with these 15 pieces of nostalgia from the decade we (sometimes) want to forget ... 

1. Butterfly clips

Remember these?! Gasp! And that very special sectioned-off hairdo that gave you a headache?! Those were the days, amiright?

2. Inspector Gadget

Go-go-Gadget, Penny and the Brain were the ONLY thing to watch after school, pretty much. Hum along to the theme tune with us, readers! Hm hm hm hm hmph. Hm hm hm hm hm hmm hmmmmm.

3. Stick-on earrings

Look at them! So economical! So sparkly! So beautiful! Let's wear them all. At the same time.

4. Clueless

As if. Full-on Monet. Not quite as excellently dark as its 80s John Hughes teen film predecessors, but delightfully shallow and entertaining, anyway! 

5. Tamagotchi

When people invented a toy that you could kill if you didn't press its buttons enough, we all cheered and wanted one! 

6. Goosebumps

The books, the merchandise, the dramatised TV program. It was all very, very scary and steeped in 90s fashion. 

7. Hanson

Naw! The absolute antithesis of 90s contemporaries, Nirvana, the blonde bobbed boys had us Mmm-bopping all the live long day.

8. Jelly braclets

I mean...! Had you forgotten about these? Stand corrected right now. They are not only glittery, they are mesmerising and squishy. A 90s version of the fidget spinner, if you will.

9. Lipsmackers

If you wanted lips that were nice enough for a Boyz II Men member to smooch, Lipsmackers were your best bet.

10. Skechers

Thanks to the Spice Girls and Britney Spears we needed a platform shoe-sneaker hybrid. Skechers to the rescue!

11. Spice Girls


Slam it to the left, If you're havin' a good time, Shake it to the right, If ya know that you feel fine, Chicas to the front, Ha ha (uh uh), Go round.

12. Tazos

Who doesn't love a collection? The Tazos folk led us away from our stamp albums and spoon racks towards these glittery spheres with cute characters on them. Thank you, Tazos!

13. Furby

I mean, if you haven't been woken up in the middle of the night by a moaning Furby, you haven't lived...

14. Babysitters Club

Who didn't want to be a caring and cashed up teenager who was excellent at problem solving and wore no-nonsense dungarees like a boss?

15. The Land Before Time

Littlefoot, Duckie, Petrie and friends predated Jurassic Park by five years and offered a much gentler animated approach to dinosaurs that's much beloved by kids of the nineties. (And it's all thanks to Steven Spielberg!)

This article originally appeared on Babyology.