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16 cakes that prove the art of the Women's Weekly birthday cake isn't dead

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What '80s kid wasn't wasn't wowed when presented with an old-school Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake on their birthday? Turns out they very much possess the same charm today - and these creations prove it!

If you thought all kids’ birthday parties were upsettingly rife with fondant covered cakes or fancy confections topped with edible flowers … think again!

Some committed people are still making our old favourites – with some help from the Australia Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book – and indeed deserve a medal for their services.

1. Koala Cake

Who doesn't love a bit of local fauna when they're making their AWW cake? This gorgeous specimen was baked by the very clever Lana Hall. Image via Lana/Instagram.

2. The Tiger Cake

The Tiger cake was quite a famous one, but I never had it because I don't like liquorice. For those that do like it, however, this cute and colourful guy is a no-brainer! This cake was made by The Vintage Palace. Image via The Vintage Palace/Instagram.

3. Bunny Cake

What could be better than a coconutty bunny? Most certainly NOT a fondant frog. This brilliant bunny was made by Tassie Beck. Image via Tassie Beck/Instagram

4. Ballerina Cake

We thought this was the prettiest cake in the world when we were kids. And also when we were adults. It's made by Amanda Oakley. Image via Amanda/Instagram

5. Witch Cake

The nicest witch you ever did see came in the form of a Women's Weekly Cake. This genius example was made by Steph Rigg Smith. Image via Steph/Instagram

6. Teddy Bear Cake

This cake is beary adorable and we are happy to witness its excellence. It was whipped up by Natalie at @Natlb11. Image via Nat/Instagram

7. Racing Track Cake

This cake is gr8. See what we did there? It's also a firm fave with heaps of kids so thank goodness Baked on Campbell reminded us of that. Image via Baked on Campbell/Instagram

8. Butterfly Cake

Perhaps equal first place when it comes to pink prettiness is this lovely butterfly cake made by Home Baked Darwin. Image via Home Baked Darwin/Instagram

9. Elephant Cake

Cake boss Caroline Fitzgerald made this pink elephant triumph and she's obviously doing God's work. Bless her. Image via Caroline/Instagram

10. Castle Cake

Remember this one? Ice cream cones masquerading as castle turrets?! So good. Very castle-y. This one was made by Stephanie Avramides. Image via Steph/Instagram

11. Grandfather Clock Cake

Complete with mouse, although not the OG GROSS PRUNE mouse, we note. We love this lolly-dotted effort by The Page Patrol. Image via The Page Patrol/Instagram

12. Robot Cake

Who wouldn't love this robot cake showing up at their party?! It was made by Julia Prendergast.Good JOB, Julia! Image via Julia/Instagram

13. Train cake

We love this cake because it's kind of like FOUR cakes snuck into ONE, right? This one was made by @MyNongy on Instagram. Image via MyNongy/Instagram

14. Swimming Pool Cake

Hooray for the stand-out cake from the AWW Birthday Cake Book, the brilliant and jelly-filled swimming pool cake! This example was made by Jema Urlich-Howell. Image via Jema/Instagram

15. Ducky Cake

Can anything beat a CHIP BEAK? It's hard to imagine it really. This ducky confection was made by Carina CMYK. Image via Carina/Instagram

16. Dolly Varden Cake

Much time was spent wondering if the dolly had legs, or if she was a mere torso of a lady. This lovely cake was made by Rachel from Braemar Cottage. Image via Rachel/Instagram

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