17 easy egg carton creations for kids

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Egg cartons were almost made for kids craft projects. Here are some really cute ideas that will have littlies entertained for yonks.

1. Masks and puppets

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Colourful and cute - an egg carton plus a few paddle pop sticks and other bits and bobs, and you've got some fun hand puppets to play with. 

2. Toy cars

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Vroooooommmm! Turn your carton into a car, truck, plane or whatever vehicle you like! Not only will it look cool but you can pop the lid and put passengers inside too.

3. Art

Simply cut out each egg cup from the carton, paint and stick to create any artwork you can dream up. We love this big love heart from @2art.chambers - perfect for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or whenever! You can create any type of picture or even make cards or a fun hanging mobile too!

4. Doll furniture

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Don't have a doll's house? No worries! Grab a cardboard box and create your own furniture with egg cartons. Make chairs, beds, sofas, tables and more. You can even make your own figurines to go inside! 

5. Cupcake tray

How genius is this? And so simple. Do some baking in the kitchen with the kids and then pop your treats in an egg carton to pass around. Don't stop there - egg cartons make great holders iPads when they're watching a movie, Uno cards to help their little hands during a game, storing shells or bead collections (if you keep the lid on) or paint pots when doing art. They also make awesome party favour boxes! Paint or draw on the carton for an extra special touch.

6. Diorama

This could just be the cutest diorama we've ever seen and we just LOVE the easy hanging option there too so it doesn't have to take up space on a table or mantle. Colourful and creative!

7. Crawling critters

Read the book and then create your very own Hungry Little Caterpillar! Paint, tape or glue on a few pipe cleaners - voila! Don't stop there, use your egg cartons to make all kinds of other characters like crocodiles and robots!

8. Itty bitty plant holders

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How adorable are these hanging succulent egg plant pots from @spathanna?! If these are a bit too advanced for your tot, try going for something simpler like planting seedlings and watching them grow by the window.

9. Dinosaur hat

Use the inside cone bits of an egg carton to make a fun hat! You could be an alien, robot, dinosaur or anything else you can come up with. 

10. Sweet little animals

What's your favourite animal? Making these little critters is so easy you may as well make a whole bunch! 

11. Toy sailboat

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A bit of paint, some sparkles, a straw and some paper and suddenly all your little toys are on a sailing adventure.

12. Funny faces

This can get pretty creative! And with added colours on top, there are some masterpieces waiting to happen here.

13. Egg carton castle
13. Egg carton castle

13. Castle

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Now this is what you call a castle! Made from egg cartons and other recycled materials, kids will have tons of fun playing with this creation. 

14. Festive wreath

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Get the jump on Christmas decorations early by creating your own door wreath with painted egg carton cups. Go crazy with design options! 

15. Floral bouquet

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Who needs fresh flowers when you can make your own? This colourful bunch will brighten up any day.

16. Bag or briefcase

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Get a large egg carton or stick several together, decorate as you see fit and add a simple strap and suddenly your little one has their very own handmade bag! 

17. Explorer goggles

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Feeling kind of spacey? These makeshift goggles are outta this world. 

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