18 binge-worthy shows during those late-night feeds with baby

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Need a new show for those moments when you’re up in the middle of the night?

Here are a few that will have you hooked from episode one…

1. Glow

An out of work actor somehow finds herself part of a very excellent fledgling women's wrestling troupe and we could not love this (based on a true) story more. It's on Netflix.

2. The Letdown

On ABC iView, The Letdown is every mum feel you have ever felt, right up there on the screen, with even messier hair. Relatable and funny and painful and great.

3. The Crown

Oh, The Crown. Sigh. Netflix have created two seasons of this drama about our current Queen, and they're both fantastic. Claire Foy stars as Elizabeth II, but we think we love Vanessa Kirby's Princess Margaret even more!

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4. Un-Real

If you love reality TV, you will LOVE Un-Real, and if you HATE reality TV, you will love it EVEN MORE! Described as a 'dramedy' it follows the producers on a The Bachelor type show, revealing how they manipulate the cast for ratings. There are two seasons on Stan, with a third due in late Feb.

5. Janet King

Janet King has a steely jaw and equally steely determination, and this great crime-focused series should be on your watchlist stat. On Stan and ABC iView.

6. The Sinner

It's a bit bloody in one part, and also super tense, but if that sounds like your kind of thing, The Sinner (and Jessica Biel's teary face) will reward. It's on Netflix.

7. Newton's Law

Claudia Karvan is back and she's a neurotic lawyer with a heart of gold and a teenage daughter. Not to be missed, and on ABC iView.

9. Nurse Jackie

Edie Falco made us fall in love with her as Carmella Soprano in The Sopranos, and in Nurse Jackie she does it again, this time with a slightly more dysfunctional role. Super addictive and totally great. It's on Stan.

10. Please Like Me

Josh Thomas' funny, relatable, adorable Australian comedy breaks the mold and has us feeling like we're not alone in our messed-up-edness! Thank gawd for that. Watch on Netflix.

11. One Born Every Minute

If you've recently had a baby, or indeed ever had a baby, or perhaps you simply LIKE babies, One Born Every Minute will have you transfixed and teary (with joy) in about three seconds flat. Watch via SBS On Demand.

12. Pulse

This ace Australian medical drama is one season in, and brings a stellar and diverse cast (Hello, Claire van der Boom and Andrea Demetriades!) to your streaming screen. A must-see on ABC iView.

12. Shameless (US Version)

If you haven't watched 'Shameless', have you even lived? The UK version is highly-acclaimed, but Emmy Rossum and William H Macy in the US version of Shameless have well and truly won our hearts. There are eight seasons, and all but the final one are on Netflix. Super addictive. LIP FOR LYF!

13. Rosehaven

Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola combine talents in this awkward and funny comedy set in a (very) small Tasmanian country town. It's on ABC iView. Watch out for the Emergency Butcher, too.

14. The Handmaid's Tale

This bleak adaptation of the Margaret Atwood classic will have you on the edge of your seat. Alexis Bledel and Elisabeth Moss just two of the amazing actors who bring the book to life. Watch via SBS On Demand.

15. The Tudors

I'm so into period dramas, so there's admittedly quite a sprinkling in this list. The Tudors is a firm fave because it's a sort of frocked-up olde worlde soap opera that sneaks a peek into the (pretty terrible) reign of King Henry VIII. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer head a wonderful cast. Four seasons await you, on Stan.

16. The White Princess (and The White Queen!)

These two series are adapted from the popular Phillippa Gregory books, following the lusty and (sometimes) tightly-laced lives of Elizabeth of York and King Henry VII. Watch on Stan.

17. Victoria

Imagine the young Queen Victoria looked a lot like Miranda Kerr, and loved playing with dolls and kissing her handsome gent, and you'd be a long way to understanding what Victoria is about. Lush and wonderful and watchable, there are two seasons, but only one of them is on Netflix so far.

18. Vikings

I've put this last because it's next on my watch list! Vikings is meant to be amazing, if a little gory. Amazing locations and incredible costumes, it's on SBS On Demand. Seasons one to four are on Netflix and Season five is on SBS On Demand. Have you watched it yet? I can't wait.

This article was originally published on Babyology.