20 awesome music t-shirts for kids

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It's never too early to pass on your exceptional music taste to your kids. So we've hand-picked 20 sweet music tees for them to look cool and rock out, from Lego Bowie to Beastie Girls to Metallica’s Master Of Parents.

1. Beastie Boys 

Available from Kid Vicious

2. Beyonce 

Available from Litte Swag Apparel

3. The Ramones 

Available from A Little Bit of Cheek

4. NWA 

Available from Zazzle

5. Foo Fighters

Available from Foo Fighters

6. Drake 

Available from Xpression Tees

7. David Bowie

Available from Kid Vicious

8. Nirvana 

Available from Little Rock Store

9. Metallica 

Available from Rockabilia

10. Blondie

Available from Kids Cotton

11. The Beatles

Available from Little Rock Store

12. AC/DC

Available from Little Rock Store

13. Taylor Swift

Available from Nyla Marie Kids

14. Tenacious D 

Available from All Posters

15. Go-Betweens

Available from Red Bubble

16. Pavement

Available from All Posters

17. Radiohead

Available from Fruugo

18. Stone Roses

Available from Kid Vicious

19. Johnny Cash

Available from Kid Vicious

20. Katy Perry

Available from Custom Shirt Designz


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