20 things to be thankful for this Valentine’s Day

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Not sure what to give this Valentine’s Day? Sometimes a simple thank you will do. Find gratitude in the everyday, and say thank you to your partner for the simple things (even if you're not quite on board with celebrating the day of love)!

Thanks for...

  • Making the bed when I didn’t ask you to.
  • Your unsolicited, genuine compliments.
  • Crying when our child was born.
  • Going to the supermarket to get toilet paper, easy mac and diet lemonade when I’m sick and can’t get out of bed.
  • Making me laugh when I'm cranky AF.
  • Doing coffee runs on Saturday mornings when the kids are going cray.
  • Being complicit in my disdain for this particular day.
  • Watching trashy Netflix series with me after the ankle-biters are asleep.
  • Doing the washing up.
  • Telling me I had a kid's food stain on me BEFORE I left the house.
  • Not getting angry when I repeatedly return the car without any petrol.
  • Cooking me dinner when I’ve had a busy day at work.
  • Surprising me with tickets to gigs of my favourite bands.
  • Putting the toilet seat down.
  • Not judging me when I drank too much wine and fell asleep during dinner with your parents.
  • Not complaining when you watch Married at First Sight with me.
  • Singing to the kids at bath time.
  • Letting me go to the shops on my own when I need some me time.
  • Taking the kids to the movies when I got into a food coma after our BBQ lunch.
  • Being you!