2017’s most popular baby names revealed!

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What have parents been calling their bubs this year? Baby name site Nameberry has released their annual list based on users’ searches and let’s just say, there’s some new kids’ names on the block.

Drumroll please! The highest-trending titles are…

In big news for boys, the so-hot-right-now name of Atticus has taken the top spot (up from number four last year), followed by Asher and Jack. There’s also three new titles in the Top 10 with Theodore (#4), Jasper (#5) and Henry (#9) making an entrance. Interestingly, last year’s #1, Ezra, plummeted down to #50.

On the girls’ side, Olivia is the carry-over champ as the highest-trending title, while three new contenders enter the Top 10 – please welcome: Cora (#2), Maia (#7) and Amara (#9).

The results are generated from the site's search results of almost 250 million page views. Check out their full Top 100 lists

Top 10 names for boys and girls

Girls (* = new)
1. Olivia
2. Cora*
3. Amelia
4. Charlotte
5. Isla
6. Isabella
7. Maia*
8. Aurora
9. Amara*
10. Ava

1. Atticus
2. Asher
3. Jack
4. Theodore*
5. Jasper*
6. Milo
7. Oliver
8. Silas
9. Henry*
10. Wyatt