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25 moments to share with your baby before their first birthday

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Those first 12 months with your baby sure are special - and this list is here to help you make the most of them. Take the time, because they'll grow up in the blink of an eye!

The expression “time flies” takes on a whole new meaning when you first become a parent. Your tiny, perfectly packaged newborn suddenly seems to go from burping and squinting one day, to eating, pulling silly faces and chasing you around the house the next. And you ask yourself, where on earth did those first 12 months go?

So if you find yourself frantically trying to keep up with that inevitable thing called ‘growth’, while also wanting to slow down and savour the small moments, here’s a list that might give you a few ideas.


1. Make faces with them in the mirror. From a young age, babies progress from thinking the baby in the mirror is another baby, to slowly realising that it’s their own reflection! It’s a beautiful process to observe.

2. Blow bubbles and watch as their face lights up the first time they see them.

3. Rumble with them on the floor, tickle them, and laugh until you’re out of breath.

4. Sing to them, and watch them enjoy your voice. (If you need help building your confidence, check out our show Sing-A-Song!)

5. Let them eat watermelon, clad in just a nappy on a long, summer afternoon.

6. Snap some hilarious silly-face selfies together with your smartphone or tablet.

7. Take a trip on a bus, plane, train or ferry and watch their eyes pop out of their head!

8. Give them a bath in a bucket. Bubbles are a great addition ... obviously.

9. Take them to the beach or lake, and let them play in the sand and splash in the water.

10. Take your first family photo. And then try to remember to take a couple more during that first year!

11. Give them their first haircut (if there’s enough hair to cut!)

12. Capture them reading a book with their grandparents.

13. Take them for a joy ride in the wheelbarrow.

14. Go for a walk to the nearest lake or pond and feed the ducks.

15. Take them for a swim in the local pool (I would recommend a heated one for the first time).

16. Take them to the zoo or a baby animal farm and teach them animal sounds (or watch as they practices the ones they've learned).

17. Celebrate when construction workers set up a worksite opposite your house, and let your baby spend hours in happy distraction, watching them work.

18. Pick a sunny weekend and go for a bush walk. Remember to bring water and a hat!

19. Turn on the sprinklers and let them run or crawl through.

20. Go for a picnic by the sea or in the park.

21. Let them play a musical instrument and experiment with making sound.

22. Build some impossibly high towers and enjoy the brief moments before they move in to demolish them.

23. Treat them to their very first juicy summer mango.

24. Crack open the old family albums and compare their facial expressions to other family member’s baby photos. Maybe they have daddy’s smile or Uncle Sam’s ‘caught-in-the-act face’!

25. Simply watch from a distance as they engage in free, independent play. Let them experiment with the toys and everyday objects around him. You’ll be amazed at how their brain is making connections through even the simplest of actions and movements.

What’s the most memorable moment you shared with your baby before they turned one? We’d love you to share!

This article originally appeared on Babyology.