3, 2, 1 Blast off! It's Kids' Week In: Astro Adventures at Scienceworks

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Looking for a fun day out with your oh-so-busy preschooler that will be educational, entertaining and won't break the budget?

Museum Victoria’s Little Kids’ Day In events were created to help children aged 5 and under explore all the museum has to offer - without the distraction of big school groups.

And now they're offering a whole WEEK of fun dedicated to little kids with their very first Little Kids' Week In: Astro Adventures.

Come and play and learn with Museums Victoria

These special days celebrate play-based learning, letting kids discover and interact with the museums' collections through a bunch of unique age-appropriate activities and performances.

There are lots of Little Kids’ Day In events scheduled throughout the year, with themes including Deep Sea Disco, Children’s Week, Dino Day and First Peoples.

But right now, we’re especially excited about the upcoming Astro Adventures Little Kids’ Week In at Melbourne’s Scienceworks.

For five fun-packed days - from Monday to Friday - in the first week of February, they’re inviting families to join in on all kinds of marvellous deep space fun.

Big thinking for little kids

Kids and their carers can explore the Museum of the Moon - a jaw-dropping seven metre diameter sculpture. They can check out the Ground Up exhibition, listen to exciting stories and take part in stellar activities which celebrate galaxies near and far, far away. Find out about the solar system, how rockets work and how astronauts travel to outer space. And that’s just for starters ...

Astro Adventures encourages the curious little kids in your life to think BIG!

There's a focus on hands-on fun, fearless exploration and joyful STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) adventures that all make this special event an unmissable one for families.

Nurturing little science nuts

Astro Adventures is part of of a whole suite of under 5’s programming and events, with Little Sparks Early Years STEM Workshops introducing important first concepts around science, technology, engineering and maths in a play-based environment.

Grab your favourite little kid and come play - in a fun and science-y way - with Scienceworks Astro Adventures Little Kids’ Week In.

Plan a playdate with Museums Victoria

There are lots more Little Kids’ Day In events this year, so pop a Museums Victoria playdate or two in your diary:

  • 6 May - Deep Sea Disco
  • 3 June - Playgroup Victoria
  • 5 August - First Peoples
  • 21 October - Children’s Week
  • 2 December - Dino Day

Find out more about Little Kids' Week In: Astro Adventures on 4–8 February.