3 tried and tested baby products that parents can use too

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While you're shifting gear with a newborn in your life, it can be easy to let your needs slip down your priority list. That's when the genius in new parents really comes out. What's to stop you from using some of those expensive and lush new baby products on your own tired self?

Tell Me Baby is a community review website where everyday parents give their honest reviews of various parenting products; from the disappointing to the indispensible. Mim Jenkinson is the Content Editor from the parenting website and she shares the top products, as picked by parents and carers, that can be used not just for bub, for you too.

1. aden + anais organic swaddle

A swaddle needn't be just for keeping newborns arms by their side. The reviewing community from Tell Me Baby found this particular swaddle to be great for a multitude of uses. From wrapping bub, covering the pram, breastfeeding, and one mum even shared her genius idea of turning it into a scarf to cover a milk 'accident'.

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One reviewer commented on her favourite uses for the swaddle by explaining "They are great! I've used them for swaddling, shading her in her pram by clipping it on and also a padding for when I take her to the supermarket as a soft seat for the trolley."

With no product reviews from the community below a 4 star rating, this product definitely wraps up any debate about which product to use from the swaddle to the supermarket.

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2. Huggies Clutch 'n' Go Baby Wipes

It's no secret that little people come with big messes, from the front door in the morning to the bedside and bassinet at night.

Mim says the feedback from the Tell Me Baby community has been consistently good about these wipes. "They extend much further than nappy changes. Mums like the clutch and go because it's great to refill, it's quite cost effective because you can buy wipes in bulk but have it in your bag for general spills and messes as well as changing nappies" Mim says.

Some of the best features of the wipes highlighted their convenience, reusability, and stylishness; "it's very easy to use and convenient" "perfect when you've got a billion things plus a baby to carry" "brilliant for all parents ... definitely a must have product!"

One wipe-lover sang the Clutch 'N' Go's praises saying "The best part about this product is that the casing is just like a snap lock bag and that it is refillable. Even better is that you can refill it with the amount of wipes that you want."

If you're after a wipe carrier that is refillable, stylish and clips on to any belt buckle, pram handle or nappy bag strap you've got spare, it sounds like this is the product wipes away the competition.

3. GAIA Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath

Mim says that this product is another one that parents have reviewed as being great for mums, dads and babies. "It is another of those products it's lovely for babies to have a bath before bed time, calm down and help them to sleep hopefully. But it's another one that mums say they've used for themselves as well because I think that most parents are after a good night's sleep" Mim adds.

Great for sensitive skin too, as the product formula is sulphate and soap free, pH balanced, organic lavender and ylang ylang as well as paraben, preservatives, propylene glycol and petrochemical free.

Reviews of GAIA focus on the convenient pump bottle it comes in, the calming lavender smell and that there isn't an abundance of bubbles in the bath when used; though one review did mention that portion use is crucial after she used too much in the bath and had a bubble overflow near-disaster.

If a natural alternative to soap is something you're after in your home, GAIA seem to be consistently lulling families around the country to a squeaky clean and settled sleep.