The 4 best toys to pack for travel with kids

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If you’re game enough to take your kids on an extended holiday (think two weeks or more), you’re going to be seeing so many new and exciting things. But inevitably, on rainy days or long transits, your kidlets are going to need a little bit of stimulation, and sometimes a few carefully picked toys from home are perfect for keeping them entertained.

Grace Koelma from Dare List Family is a mum on the move, and she shares what she packed for her son in an awesome article  on her website.

1. Picture books

Great for entertainment and your bedtime routine, picture books are a must. Grace recommends themes based on your child’s interests, development stage, and if you’re travelling long-term, books to cultivate their understanding of home and culture.

Aim for small books, and eight to 10 should be plenty.

2. Art and craft supplies

This can keep them entertained for hours! And of course, encourages creativity, dexterity and is a great way for you to bond together. Not to mention great for rainy days when you’re all cooped up inside. Pack good quality art and craft supplies that will last a while.

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Grace suggests storing it all in plastic baskets or a collapsible wardrobe box that doubles as suitcase divider. She recommends taking the following:

  • paintbrushes and watercolour paints
  • classic crayons and coloured pencils
  • notepads (unlined)
  • an art smock (which can double for a bib, or a cute costume cape)
  • Play Doh
  • stickers and scarves for dress ups.
  • Flat-pack DIY craft kits

3.   Flashcards

Alongside books, these are great for learning, but are a bit more open-ended for play.

Take a couple decks of alphabet or numbers flashcards for older kids, or packs focussing on things like fruit and animals for littlies.

4.  Other toys for play

If your child has their own favourites, take them along (as long as they’re not too big!). Other recommendations Grace gives include:

  • Balls
  • Matchbox cars (and other similar vehicles)
  • Wind-up toys
  • Big plastic beads strung on a shoelace
  • Felt puppets
  • Block puzzles (a few choice pieces of Duplo could work too)
  • An old mobile for imaginative play
  • An iPad (or similar device) with a few TV shows for screen time

For more of Grace’s awesome travel tips, and tales from her life on the road, check out her website Dare List family