5 activities to get kids into the Christmas spirit this week

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In the busiest of times, it can be super easy to whip out the iPad and flick on Peppa Pig to keep the kids happy.

But Kinderling has a much better, festive and screen-free idea for your kiddies this season – the free Kinderling app!

It has hours of screen-free, audio entertainment that kids (and grown-ups) will love. We've sorted through all our great shows to pick out our top five favourites to put the fun and games back into the holiday season, for the whole family!

1. Present progress in Santa’s Countdown

In the lead up to December 25th the big man in red will be checking in on the Kinderling air waves! Tune in at 5pm every night to hear Santa’s Countdown! It's a fun way to keep kids engaged with the fun of the silly season, with Santa's daily updates as he gets ready for the big day.

And if you miss the 5pm check in, you can always listen back to Santa's special messages, on demand in our free app.

2. Conversations with Santa

Some of our fave musicians, Emma Wiggle, Lah-Lah, dirtgirl and Laura Beanie all had a chat with Santa, and the kids can tune in!

Hear the awesome musicians and entertainers have a cheeky chin-wag with Santa, talking about their families, what they get up to for Christmas, and whether or not they made it on to the naughty or nice list!

Every fun and fantastical phone call is available for the whole family to listen to in our free app too.

3. Christmas tunes for young and old

We’ve looked high and low for the all the best Christmas songs that both kids and grownups will love. If you've had enough of 'Jingle Bells' or if 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' has you pulling you hair out, we've found the best bops for the silly season. From Kool Kristmas and Christmas Classics to Quirky Christmas.

While we still have the Christmas classics, you'll find tunes from Run DMC, Wham, John Legend and more!

Find music merriment to suit any mood with the Kinderling festive Mixtapes in our free app.

4. Stories about giving, family and of course, presents

When you're snuggling down to bed, these are the stories that will keep that festive cheer going.

Our free app has seasonal stories of fun, adventure, and Yuletide adventures from authors like Matt Cosgrove, P. Crumble, Aaron Blabey and more!

5. Sleepy Soundtracks

Make night-time in keeping with the season via our themed Sleepy Soundtracks.

Reimagined for bedtime, these lullaby covers of Christmas carols will have kids nodding off after a long day of festivities.

All these great Christmassy activites (and much more!) can be found in the free Kinderling app. Available in your app store now.