5 groovy albums your daycare should play daily

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Keen to diversify the music your kids listen to? Here are a few gems to suggest to your early educators to mix it up a bit. They're well-written songs, educational and demonstrate the wide range of kids music that does exist!

Plus, there's one for every time of day!

1. Beyond the Little Star by Benny Time

These short and oh-so-sweet modern gems in Beyond the Little Star were designed to delight young and old with their catchy melodies. Kiddie-rock song ‘Sausages’ will have kids thrashing around, while ‘What Can You See’ featuring Angie Who will calm them right back down again for their nap.

Plus, Benny Time’s day job is as an early educator, so he really knows what he’s doing when writing songs for littlies.

2. Blue Skies and Sunny Days by Frances England

Blue Skies and Sunny Days is collection of bright, positive messages, delivered through the sparkly, acoustic pop sounds of Frances England. The album’s a beautiful antidote to the negativity of the world, and perfect to soundtrack the beginning of the daycare day.

3. Bunny Rumble by Bunny Racket

Kids in need of shaking their sillies out? Bunny Racket's Bunny Rumble will help them do just that. It’s pure rock music designed for kids, introducing them to a genre that grownups know and love. A good album for outdoor play!

4. Falu’s Bazaar by Falu

Transport the class to beautiful India with colourful, Grammy-nominated album, Falu's Bazaar. The mix of languages heard in the songs include English, Hindi and Gujarati, with some familiar tunes and all-new songs too, so it's ideal for listening together as a group.

Falu is internationally recognised for her ability to blend her modern inventive style with her Indian classically-shaped vocal talent. The album was inspired by her own son, and introducing him to her culture.

5. I Am Your Food by Gunnar Madsen

Full to the brim of puns and word play for parents to enjoy, plus the added benefit of encouraging fussy kids to try new things, Gunnar Madsen's I Am Your Food is a tasty one for mealtime.

There are delicious messages about food production, including a yummy power ballad about the food we consume, 'I Am Your Food', a delectable song about the dangers of fast food, 'Food Too Fast', and a flavour-filled warning to use what we have, called 'Shelf Life'.