5 kids’ songs perfect for dancing to these school holidays

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Holidays can be tough, we get it. With an extra little body or two around the house on the daily, it can be challenging to conjure up a million activities for all day, every day! 

One of our favourite super easy options is a dance party, and we’ve got a bunch of playlists in our free app for you to pop on whenever the kids need to bust a move.

Or you can listen to us live! Here are five tracks we’ve just added to rotation with the school holidays in mind. 

1. ‘Moment of Truth’ by CYN

This sweet tune is from new kids’ film Smallfoot. If you haven’t heard this song already, it’s high time you did! 

2. ‘Trash’ by Sesame Street feat. Robin Gibb from The BeeGees

While this one is actually a disco-influenced oldie from the ‘70s, we’ve just put it on our Pack Away Anthems Mixtape, which also features Weird Al’s ‘Trash Day’, a take on Nelly’s banger ‘Hot in Herre’ (all clean, we promise you parents!). It's a great mix after the kids have made a mess.

3. ‘The Tooth Brushing Song’ by The Listies

This is the hottest dental care rap your kids will ever hear! MC Mint drops some dank beats on The Listies’ new album, Lollaby

4. ‘Lightenup’ by Parcels

A little more disco flavour in the mix. This funk-pop group from Byron Bay have been making waves across the globe, having collaborated with the likes of Daft Punk. We’re loving having their vibe on the station. 

5. ‘We Want More’ by Bunny Racket

This new single is from Bunny Racket’s new release, Bunny Rumble. A great one for rocking out, kid style.

Keep an ear out for all of these and more on Kinderling Kids Radio!