5 smart festive hacks for busy parents

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With Christmas only a couple weeks away, it’s about now that the mad rush begins. If you’re not quite prepped for your family’s celebrations, here are some hacks that should help make the process of festive organisation a little bit easier!

 1. Wrap a gift in a matter of seconds

Wait, what? We KNOW. This perfect wrapping may seem out of reach to mere mortals like us, but it’s not.

Luckily for us, a nice guy on YouTube has analysed this famous ‘perfectly-wrapped-present-in-less-than-15-seconds’ clip and has the skinny on how to get the exact same result. Watch and learn. We’re totally trying this at home.

2. Create gift tags from paint sample cards

Paint sample – or paint chip – cards offer a whole host of crafty opportunities and they are especially useful at this time of year!

A little bit of clever, snippy action and you’ll have something super-creative and celebratory in a few minutes flat.  Find out more at Create, Craft, Love (and be sure to spend some money at your local paint sample card source… don’t just snaffle their cards, willy-nilly!).

3. Double a gift by wrapping in fabric

This mesmerising clip will revolutionise the way you think about gift wrapping – unless you already know all about Furoshiki!

Furoshiki is the traditional Japanese art of wrapping things absolutely beautifully with fabric and we are hoping, with some practice, that we can get gorgeous results like this:

4. Fashion some decorative fabric tape

Wrap those prezzies with super-personal style by busting out some bespoke fabric sticky tape! You simply cut strips of fabric and attach one side to double-sided tape. Peel the other side of the tape back and stick to your heart’s content!

It takes minutes, but the impact is MUCH longer-lasting (and beautiful, too!) Find out more at We Are Scout.

5. Whip up some festive pancakes

Pancake mix + squeezy bottle + a pinch of creativity = amazing Christmas pancakes!

We could watch these videos for hours! (That said, we’d let our first details brown a little more before adding the second round. Just sayin’)

Happy prepping!

This article was originally published on Babyology.