5 things that inspire me: Angie Who

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Angie Who inspired us with her beautiful debut album Littlefolk, but what inspires her - as an artist and a mum? The k-indie folk star took time out from motherhood and music just long enough to share the passions and pursuits that make her tick.


I have two kids who are incredibly wonderful and funny and I completely adore them, but gee they have been rubbish sleepers! This has driven me further into the loving arms of coffee…I think about it as I’m going to sleep at night, not even joking.  


Gosh, isn’t music a grand thing?! I love listening to it, making it, seeing it live. The collaboration involved is the most wonderful thing, everybody bringing their gift or skill to the party, throwing it all together and magic!

I was lucky enough to see Gillian Welch and David Rawlings when they were in town last and I’m sure I’m not the only person who floated out of that theatre with ideas and hope and endless possibilities in my heart and head! 

Road Trips

Getting away from the city, the house, the laundry, just being together and watching the white lines fly by gives one plenty of time to think. I love making plans and writing goals in my little red book on the way home, of ways we might create a life that allows us to be generous and hospitable whenever we like.


As a kid, my Nan used to pick me up and take me to Sunday School, I still remember my Sunday School teacher Paula very clearly, she was a beautiful singer and so pretty. She was great at visual examples; I remember some of those lessons very clearly.

To this day I attend church and am grateful for that grounding in faith, hope and love.


I love the way creatives come alive when they are doing ‘their thing’.

Recently I got to go out at night (yes!) and see my husband’s band Lazy Colts (he’s a drummer). The sparkle in his eyes after he played that set helped me forgive him for every time he gets to go out and play music, while I stay home with the kids (haha, we met in a band…so you know, it’s something I have to work on…love you darling!) 

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