5 things that inspire me: Kate Berry from Lunch Lady

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We love talking to parents that inspire us, and Kate Berry is definitely one of them.

The editor, cooking queen and mum of two started Lunch Lady as a blog after her daughter was picked on at school for her healthy lunches. Her story struck a chord online and off, and has since blossomed into a beautiful independent quarterly magazine, jammed full of stories, recipes and stunning pics.

Hear Kate's Kinderling interview:

From music to quiet time and more, here’s five fab thing she draws inspiration from on a daily basis.

1. Quiet

For most of my life I have been scared of quiet time. I’d always worry there was something cool happening and I wasn’t part of it. But I’ve found the older I get, the happier to remove myself from the goings on of the outside world. Just as well, as I moved to a house that’s near absolutely nothing. Phew.

2. Nature

It makes me cry like a baby, smile like an idiot, scares the crap out of me but it never makes me feel nothing. When life gets a bit much, I step outside and get out in it. I’m in awe of how powerful it can be.

The girls and I just went on a road trip to southwest Tassie recently and I was so overcome with emotion, it freaked them (and me) out a little. I tried to pull it together, but then thought, why can’t I fully experience the power of nature. It’s freaking awesome!

Kate with Kinderling Conversation host, Shevonne Hunt

3. Other people

I’m surrounded by incredible people who go about their days doing great things without blowing their trumpet. They teach me so much. Everyday. How to be humble, show humility, be supportive and how to generally be the best I can be, without being an asshole.

The creativity of my friends and the tenacity they show going through their day-to-day is a real inspiration.

4. My kids

It’s cheesy and it’s true! They’re my number one inspiration for getting up each day and how I go about doing what I do. They inspire me to be the best I can, so in turn I can provide them with a good in-house role model.

I try to be the kind of person I’d like them to grow up to be. Not in a career sense, but in trying to instil values I believe are important. It keeps me in check, and accountable.

5. Music

I’m a music tragic. My life has a constant soundtrack. From the long stretches of road I drive weekly, to waking up bleary-eyed each morning to make brekky, there’s a song for every time of day. My current faves are The Peep Tempel's 'Rayguns' and Angel Olsen's 'Forgiven/Forgotten'.

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