5 tips for introducing your toddler to cow's milk

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Turning one is a milestone for you and your baby.  Their tiny personalities are finally revealed, they may be walking and even talking. Plus, it’s finally time to start introducing cow’s milk.

Why do babies have to wait till they’re one for milk?

All foods are introduced slowly into a child’s diet but we delay cow’s milk because it doesn’t contain all the proper amounts of nutrients required for a child’s normal development in the first year.

Cow’s milk is low in Iron and also doesn’t contain the right type of fats like DHA that support brain development.

What type and how much milk should I use?

Nutritionists recommend all children drink full fat milk until they reach the age of two.

Limit your toddler’s milk to no more than two cups of milk,  this is enough to meet their daily Calcium needs but not enough that they’ll become too full to eat other healthy foods.

Low fat milks can be an option for toddlers after a dicussion with your GP.

How do I start?

“Slowly,” says Kinderling’s Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue.  “Put a tiny bit of milk into a cup and let your baby taste that at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This will establish their curiosity about cups and the process generally.”

Other milk tips

Make sure the cow’s milk is at room temperature before you offer it.

Once the routine is established, offer milk as part of every meal.

Remember, if you’re still breastfeeding there’s no need to rush to switch to cow’s milk; take it slow and work with your child’s needs.