5 ways to master the single mother juggle

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A life spent alternating between kitchen, laptop, school, Skype and sport fields is how Lucy Good describes being a single mum.

Mum to two lovely daughters, aged 11 and 14, Lucy is also the owner of Beanstalk, devoted to helping other women navigate life and parenthood after marriage.

As she told Kinderling Conversation, while there’s no one way to live a successful life after divorce, there are certain things that help chart the waters.

Here are her top five tips.

 1. Give yourself some breathing room

"There's no such thing as a perfect parent and when you are trying to do so many things all at once, you just have to let it go a little bit, you have to just loosen the reins and say, look if we can all just get through the day and we're all happy, we're all fed and we've all done the main things that we need to do. That's enough."

2. Identify your time takers

"These are things that take too much time and you do them regularly. One for example was supermarket shopping. You go twice a week to the supermarket. Well I've stopped that and I do one Coles shop online and I can't tell you how much time that has saved me and that's every single week so built up over a month and a year, you've saved yourself so much time."

 3. Prioritize something for yourself that you simply won’t do without

"I choose exercise which allows me to be on my phone whilst I'm exercising. So choices, making the right choices that work. I get up first thing in the morning and I have to do 20 minutes on a step machine. So while I do that, I go through all of my Facebook, so I've got the single mum Facebook group which is quite large and requires a lot of work, so if I can do that while I'm stepping, then I've just got two jobs out of the way at once. So yeah it's about planning, and some little tricks and being clever."

4. Communicate with your kids

"Explain how things really are to your kids and what you have to do each day. It’s important they understand that you need to work as a team."

 5. Hang in there

"What I would say to mums with small kids is, yes it's really important to get that me time and that me time when you've got young kids is about getting away from your kids a lot more, but hold on in there, because for me parenting has just got better and better. I've enjoyed it more as they've got older, so you will find that you don't look for that me time as much because you are content spending time with these little mini humans that you've created and who you're connecting with so well."

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