6 easy elephant crafts to get kids excited for the new Dumbo movie

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Does your kid love elephants? Their big, floppy ears and their long, bendy trunks sure are impressive, and they definitely inspire some good craft activities!

We've rounded up six, simple activities you can do with your toddler before (or after) watching Disney's new live-action remake of Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton. 

Note: These crafts are also great paired with 'Horton Hears a Who', 'The Jungle Book', 'Babar' or 'Elmer the Patchwork Elephant'. Enjoy!

1. Balloon Handprints

Toddlers will love getting their hands covered in paint to make these friendly elephants. Simply put a grey handprint on some cardboard, paint on any embellishments, and voila! (Saying that, we're pretty certain attempting this with our kid will result in something that looks closer to a grey turd. Ah well.)

Source: Kids and Preschool Craft

2. Toilet Roll Elephants

Who doesn't love a good toilet paper craft?! Use up those tubes sitting in your recycling bin by helping your toddler transform them into some long-nosed friends.

Source: Creative Family Fun

3. Milk Carton Elephants

This cute milk carton elephant looks like it could have been ridden through the streets of Agrabah by Prince Ali in Aladdin ... but wrong Disney reference aside, it'll make for an awesome Dumbo replica, too.

Source: Doodle & Stitch

4. Origami Elephants

Slightly older kids will love following this video to make their very own Origami Dumbo - and if they can master it, it's sure to get them so impressive 'oos' and 'ahhs' in the playground.

5. Balloon Elephants

All you need is a balloon, some cardboard and some makeshift eyes to make these simple balloon elephants, and little ones are sure to love how "silly" their faces look.

Source: Glued to my Crafts

6. Up for a challenge? What about this paper craft elephant head to mount on your wall?

Okay, we admit this is definitely one for the grown-ups ... or the toddlers who are really gifted at following instructions and using scissors. But how cool does this look? If you're keen to try it, you can buy the template on Etsy. For now we'll personally be putting it in the "when they're older" basket.

Soure: Instructables