6 free health apps for your family

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As the saying goes, there's an app for everything these days. And while we know your phone storage is taken up by pictures of your gorgeous offspring, there are a few apps worth making room for.

Sarah Hunstead of CPR Kids shares her favourite health apps for families (plus they're all free!).

Emergency +

When you need to call Emergency Services (police, ambulance or fire brigade), open this app and tap the button to call 000.

“The coolest part is, it uses the GPS in your phone and gives the exact latitude and longitude of where you are,” Sarah says.

If you’re on holidays or in a different neighbourhood you might not know exactly where you are, vague whereabouts of where you are doesn’t cut it, so this helps to pinpoint your location for the fastest help possible.

Download: Apple / Android

Australian Bites and Stings

Sarah’s kids love to explore this app, because it teaches them all about the Australian animals that might harm people (of which there are many).

Compiled by the Australian Venom Research Unit, it details any creature that can bite or sting, plus explains what they are, what to do and the exact first aid to treat it.

“The best bit is, it’s got a picture of all these creatures as well,” Sarah says.

Download: Apple / Android

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“Medicine is really important in the way that you take it and understand it,” Sarah explains. But what is a prescribed medicine doing and what doesn’t it work well with?

With this app, you can scan the barcode of the medicine that you or your child is taking. It will give you the consumer information plus you can put in the details from the doctor about when and how much to give.

You can also create profiles for each member of the family, where you can store photos, notes and questions for your doctor next time you go back. It’s a great way of recording what medicines your child has had in the past so you can inform new doctors if necessary.

Download: Apple / Android

Save the Date to Vaccinate

This is an Australian Government app, and sets notifications for when your child needs to have their immunisations according to the schedule.

In the busyness of life it will remind you to get protected against those vaccine preventable diseases.

Download: Apple / Android


healthdirect shows where health services nearby are. “If you’re away on holidays, or maybe your local gp is closed, [this] can help you find somewhere that’s open,” Sarah explains. “It also has signs and symptoms of certain illnesses in there as well. However, it’s not about diagnosing, it’s a tool to help you when and where to seek help.”

Download: Apple / Android

13SICK, National Home Doctor Service

Sarah has personally used this one. In some situations, it's tricky to call the 13 SICK phone number. Now they have an app through which you can book a doctor, it remembers your address and with a few clicks of a button and you’re done.

Download: Apple / Android

And while it’s not a health app, there's our free Kinderling app on Apple and Android too! Grab it now to stream live radio, download music mixes, shows, stories and more.