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6 fun stories that celebrate grandparents

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Grandparents! What would we do without them?! They’re great babysitters, a source of sweet treats, and great music taste (which you can check out in our Golden Oldies mixtape).

With Grandparents Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate that special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Check out some of our favourite stories that feature grandparents, including this week's Story of the Week. And scroll to the bottom to enter our Grand Book Giveaway for Grandparents Day! 

1. When I was a Child by Andy Stanton

This gorgeous book is a good reminder for all of us that even though the world is constantly changing, there are still moments of beauty and wonder in it. Written by Andy Stanton, illustrated by David Litchfield.

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2. What's A Yia Yia? by Stella Stamatakis

Not only does this book celebrate how good grandmothers are, it celebrates the special things about grandmothers from cultures all around the world. Eleni calls her grandma Yia Yia because she comes from Greece - and together they like to make avgolemono chicken soup. Soon Eleni discovers that her friends have their own special name for their grandma, and their own special treats, too! Written by Stella Stamatakis and illustrated by Oscar Fa.

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3. My Nanna is a Ninja by Damon Young

This book is a laugh-out-loud celebration of wonderful nannas everywhere! Created by the dynamic duo: philosopher and author Damon Young, and illustrator Peter Carnavas (also an author), who have both won awards for their respective feats. 

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But wait, there's more!

Of course there are lots of other wonderful stories about nanas and pops, and all the fun adventures kids have with them. Here are some more of our faves!

4. Grandpa’s Space Adventure by Paul Newman

Grandpa's Space Adventure is a tribute to grandparents - and in particular - the special relationship grandparents have with their grandkids. Written by Irish-born author, illustrator and Sydney art teacher, Paul Newman, with gorgeous illustrations by Tom Jellett

5. Miss Mae’s Saturday by Justine Flynn

Little Mae is disappointed about being indoors on a rainy day, but when Grandma brings out a huge cardboard box, the adventures begin! A wonderful tale of imagination written by Justine Flynn, illustrated by J. Yi.  

6. My Pop is a Pirate by Damon Young

Hot on the heels of My Nanna is a Ninja comes this rollicking tale extolling the virtues of grandpas, pops and grandfathers in families around the world. Written by Damon Young with super fun illustrations by Peter Carnavas.

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  • Hide & Seek with Grandpa by Ed Allen 
  • Hey Grandude! By Paul McCartney