6 suprising facts about twins and triplets

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Double the trouble. Triple the fun. Friends for life. 

We’ve heard the clichés but what are the real surprises when you're blessed with twins or triplets?

According to Kinderling's Mothercraft nurse, Chris Minouge, while parents of multiples face a unique set of challlenges, they're also set for a truly incredible experience. 

"Twins and triplets are the most wonderful things because you're putting the same effort into two or three babies and you get two or three completely different personalities. It's a joy to watch," said Chris. 

1. Your household is (generally) more content

Twins and triplets are always together. They play together and more contentedly from the get-go, even when they’re younger than six months-old and don’t even realise the other one is there. This means there is generally less whingeing and demands on you as the parent because there’s simply always someone else in the room.

2. A problem shared is a problem halved

Multiples take comfort from each other and give comfort to each other from very early days. If one’s upset the other will always go to them and make sure they’re alright. It’s very sweet to watch.

3. Parents generally enjoy more support

From the very first day you bring your twins or triplets home, you'll need someone there to support you. While this will require some organisation it also means you'll almost always have another pair of hands to help you out. 

4. Behaviour is more consistent

It’s much harder to be ‘on the go’ in terms of logistics when you’re a parent of twins or triplets which means you’re much more at home. This makes it easier to be more consistent with routine and behavior, and this can often make multiples quicker to settle, better sleepers and better eaters.

5. Parents and carers have double (or triple) the joy

Being bedded down at home with multiple babies can bring a heightened sense of wonder for the parents and carers. You're not rushing around so much so you have the opportunity to be more aware of all the wonderful milestones - it's easier to notice and be struck by the little things. 

6. A friend for life

Twins and triplets will always have each other. This can bring many wonderful benefits to a person’s life but also, multiples are also known to have the highest rate of sibling rivalry! This comes from the fact that from the very beginning of their lives they’re doing the same things at the same time. It can make them highly competitive.