How to cut your weekly shopping bill to $50

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Think about how much you spend on your groceries each week. More likely than not, it’s a bit more than you’d like. 

Jody Allen, aka. the Stay At Home Mum, can do it for $50 and says it's possible for anyone to do the same. After finding herself redundant with a baby at home, another one on the way and her dream home in the works, Jody and her husband realized they only had $50 a week to spend on the groceries. So that’s what they did. 

She’s now released a book explaining how, called The $50 Weekly Shop. One of the most important things to remember? 

“Anything worth having is always hard. This wasn’t easy, and it takes a lot of sacrificing,” says Jody. But you can do it, so here are some of her top tips to save yourself money every week! 

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1. Make things that your family will actually eat

If your family won’t eat chickpeas, there’s no point in making it as it will go straight out the window. For examples, porridge. If your kids like it, buy oats! There’s the added bonus that oats are cheap which helps this “diet for your money” as Jody calls it.

2. Remember the goals you’re working towards

If you have denied yourself something pricey that you love, remind yourself why. It’s for something better in the long run.

“Anything I want in life, I print off a black&white picture from the ‘net, I stick it on the fridge,” Jody says. “It’s really good to be able to visualize.”

Whether this is for a house or a family holiday, keep it at the front of your mind. 

3. Buy frozen veggies

Jody says that “fresh veggies go to die in my fridge, [frozen veggies] are cheap and there’s no waste.” 

4. Choose slightly bruised produce

Go to your local fruit shop or farmers markets at end of day and buy a slightly brusied tray of fruit or veg. Cook these these into yummy desserts, or apple and oat muffins for school snacks. For this reason, Jody says that “the fruit bowl is one of my favourite places ot cook from."

5. Cook in bulk once a month

Jody suggests going shopping with a friend and buy in bulk between the two of you once a month. Then cook a big batch of absolutely everything, to be popped in the freezer. Having a full freezer will also ensure you don’t revert to takeout or more expensive prepackaged meals.

6. Make it a fun challenge

“I made a game of it, which worked mentally,” says Jody. If you're feeling positive about challenging yourself, it will make it so much easier!

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